Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, this film is on

  • WASN'T that a great liveglog of the Phillies and Rockies game? Thanks, D-Mac!

  • WILL the 50 MPH wind gusts in the Bronx tonight make the tater tots fly or keep them in the park? Either way, I'm bringing my winter hat.

  • MIGHT the Twins suffer from a bit of a hangover after last night's remarkable and remarkably tiring victory over the Tigers? I don't believe in momentum and I don't believe that tired teams struggle.

  • ARE you going to stay up and watch the late game out in Los Angeles? Our pal Drew is liveglogging that affair over at the Score.

Well, I spent the 2008 postseason rooting for close, fun games (and a little bit for the Phillies to win) since I didn't have a horse in the race, so the 2009 postseason as the co-proprietor of the Internet's 82nd most popular baseball blog should prove to be quite a new experience. Will I be a total obnoxious homer? Or will I provide you, the reader, with a thoughtful postseason baseball blog? Only time (and A.J. Burnett) will tell.

As you read this, I'm comfortably seated in Yankee Stadium, bundled up and ready for action. CC Sabathia may have failed me in the Bon Jovi bet but I am confident that his girth will propel his team to victory today. The Twins counter with Brian Duensing, who went to college with Joba Chamberlain, has never faced the Yankees, and in fact has never been to New York City until today. He's also never read James Joyce's Ulysses.

Feel free to chat about the game in this post, and head over to The Score afterwards to keep Drew company. See you tomorrow with wrap-ups, same WoW channel.

(Yankee Stadium photo courtesy of Flickr user ajagendorf25)

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Hopefully Nick Punto hits it to the UTZ sign for you, Rob.

I don't know if you guys are watching this, but BInge is awesome, and these children are amazing.

Yeah, G, I watched it. Awesome and amazing.

I am betting that Rob is not only a total homer during this postseason, but that he turns into a panicky, petulant child if and when the Yankees lose.


We're way higher than 82.

Behind home plate at Yankee Stadium: Where iPhone's outnumber ball caps.

Another base hit that was caught

Rob just swooned. He literally swooned.

Jeter's home run was 218 feet of power and ability, 102 feet of grit, 33 feet of leadership, and 14 feet worth of charm. And it all adds up to one kid who's just having fun out there.

So you are saying it was very Favrian


The Twins are playing like they drank too much last night

I'm of the opinion that if a pitcher leaves the game with only a runner on first and his relief allows that runner to score, the run should be charged to the reliever, not the original pitcher.

Duensing left the game with two outs and only a runner on first, Liriano gives up a jack to Matsui, and Duensing is on the hook for the runner. NONSENSE.

9:00, time for Rob to hit the bricks.

I updated the link to my glog in the post and here too! Join the Carp love-in

Glog Link

Link don't work, LtB.

Link in the post works.

Also, can you tell I can't see the game? Fuck Canada.

I stayed for the whole game even though I joined half the Stadium in the Great Hall watching Rivera struggle to record the third out.

That's the sign of a confident fan base: "Hey our closer is in, let's beat the traffic, this game is over." Too much hubris?

You're a Yankees fan, Rob. There's no such thing as "Too much hubris."

Holy mother of agony, this game is endless. Most LOB ever in playoff game? Not thekind of record I want to break on a school night

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