Tonight's Questions

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  • WHO deserves to win the big postseason awards? Make your voice heard via the Internet Baseball Awards.

  • DO you want to participate in something called "WoW Fantasy Basketball"? Drew is running the league and has a few spots open for tomorrow night's big draft; email him at (lloyd at walkoffwalk dot com) if you are interested.

  • IS there anything funnier than the marriage of baseball and LOLcats? I say no.

  • GOT some extra money laying around? Invest in Los Angeles-based party streamer manufacturers, says this egghead.

Tomorrow: more "This Guy Is Playing Golf Right Now", and hopefully some other filler goodness to carry us to Thursday night's NLCS Game One. See you then, same WoW channel.

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IS there anything funnier than the marriage of baseball and LOLcats?

The fact that Matt_t doesn't have a hand in this makes me wonder why the Internet even exists anymore. Maybe he's busy listening to the latest King Grizzly Whale on the Radio record.

I actually had work to do yesterday.

Don't worry, won't happen again.

Matt, they're contagious:

May I just point out that Jim and Pam were not in international waters?

I see your memes and raise you the greatest flash animation of the past 5 years.


Perhaps the boat captain was a minister, ordained in Canada.

Fine Colonel, riddle me this:

You are Catholic and it's a Friday during lent. You are on a cruise ship about to cross the international date line, taking you from Thursday to Friday. You are eating a hot dog right as you cross the line and the last bite of hot dog gets stuck in your throat. Are you allowed to swallow or not?

Trick question, Wahoo.

Your hedonistic cruise-ship riding lifestyle has you firmly hell-bound anyway. Our Heavenly Father didn't sacrifice His Only Son so you could ride the Carnival waterslide (during LENT no less!). Finishing that hot dog is just gilding the sin-soaked lily.

Think about what you've done, then comment 10 Our Fathers and 10 Hail Maries.


Can God throw a curveball that even he cannot hit?


Before they lowered the mounds in Heaven, I'd have said "yes".

I hate to break up the theological discussion here, but we've got a couple spots left.

WoW Basketball: Rob isn't around to leave his malfeasant stench on the league.

I only play fantasy college basketball. Trying to decide between PG #21 and PF #40 for my first pick this year.

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