Tonight's Questions

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  • DO you have your liveglog dinner jacket ready for Game One of the NLCS? Be back here at 8PM sharp for some good, clean liveglog fun.

  • WHICH Manny Ramirez will show up tonight? The hilarious, easy-going slugger or the shy, withdrawn Gold Glove slap-hitter?

  • DOES Brian Baumgartner, aka Kevin from The Office, need writers to be funny? Yes, yes he does.

  • ANYTHING interesting happen this afternoon?

Okay folks, you know the deal, get yourself home safely from work and ready for the big game at 8PM. Clayton Kershaw! Cole Hamels! Ryan Howard! Andre Ethier! CHIP "FISTED" CARAY! See you then, same WoW channel.

(Photo courtesy of OMGKitty!!!)

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Great. Now I need a cat costume to put under my kid's lobster costume.


they have em at petsmart
not that i was looking yesterday or anything.

This is some what baseball related and it should cheer Red Sox fans up a little bit.

What's with all the # tags? Please don't let this turn into Deadspin.

twitter jokes.

Chief, not two minutes ago I sent that video link to Catshirt, saying "This is you."


There are so many good things about that video, but the best being that he's that shithammered at 10am and going for MORE BEER.

that guy is a champion

I got the spins just watching drunky stumble around.

Honestly, I've been there before. When he makes it to the end of the aisle then wipes out because he staggered around the turn too quickly I knew just what he was going through.

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