Tonight's Questions

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  • WILL the Yankees be patient enough to take advantage of Scott Kazmir's historically shaky control problems? Kazmir's 2-1 with a 3.20 ERA against New York this year.

  • OR will the Angels get to CC Sabathia early with some home field cookery? CC dominated the Anaheim hitters in the cold on Friday night but he's on three days' rest here.

  • DOES Mark Teixeira's above-average glovework make up for his lack of batwork in the series? Fella's 1-for-13 with five K's against his former employer.

Come back around 8PM and we'll chat about the ALCS game that, if the Yankees lose, will break my spirit and cause me to shed my sanity like so many layers of clothing. With a ringing endorsement like that, how can you miss it? Same WoW channel.

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Let me get this striaght, you are only going to shed your sanity? If that's the case I will be back at 8:00 but if I see one layer of clothing come off I am out of here

The lap dance is always better when Rob is crying.

Even 14 year old Matt_t would laugh at that mustache.

Did he draw that thing on?

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