Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I leaned on the wall and the wall leaned away

AM I bad luck when it comes to the weather at Yankees games? The forecast doesn't look good for an on-time start at Yankee Stadium tonight. This happened last weekend too!

WHO do you like in the matchup tonight if the game happens? Messrs. Andy Pettitte and Joe Saunders are your starters in Game 6.

HOW many profanities will be screamed if the Yankees fail to clinch again? I figure I'm good for quite a few on my own.

WILL you use this post as an open thread to discuss tonight's action? I certainly hope so.

Uncool Update: Of course the game is postponed until tomorrow night. Go about your lives citizens.

That's it for me today, folks. I'll try to be less long-winded tomorrow.

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Just coming back from a wedding with an open bar(awesone) and I am very glad that we won't have a long delay between the lcs and ws (Drew)

Here's my rule about wedding booze: A cash bar is unacceptable. Even if you only have beer and wine--let's face it, an open bar with hard liquor can be wildly expensive--just keep it simple and free. Ignore this rule, and there is little chance I will attend your second wedding.

Very nice pic. Thanx for sharing.

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