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Hey kids, rules were meant to be rushed

And with that, we wrap up Day One of the World Series Walkoff Walkpocalypse, where editor turns against editor, commenter turns against liveglogger, and guest contributor turns against Dusty Baker. Tune in tomorrow when we continue building up to the underdog Yankees and overhyped Phillies in Wednesday's Game One. Same WoW channel.

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WIll my future child be a left-handed, power hitting, 3rd baseman, baseball player, or softball player? I don't know, I will find out in about an hour

Very exciting stuff, BCTF--congrats!

My guess is that kid from Slumdog Millionaire and Sean William Scott.

Girls can and should play baseball too. Softball is for middle-aged fat white men.

I know, I play softball

I shouldn't poke fun, all I play is racquetball and even that gave my bruised ribs.

I made my wife promise that no matter what the weather is like, said child will be attending opening day at Target field. He or she will be about 3-4 weeks old.

Dennis Quaid and Abed from Community

Good luck, BCTF! Name the kid Grady. Even if it's a girl kid.

I may not have been clear. I just find out the gender tonight. I still have 4 and a half months until my wife is due

I hope the baby and mother are happy/healthy.
You just know BC is gonna name the kid Mauer. Or Gardenhire.

As if there's any doubt that the kid will be named Joseph Mauer Twinsfan. Mazel, BC.

I hope they use a Lorenzo Music impersonator (or zombie) to do all the overdubbing for Kris's character.

The movie is tentatively titled Dude, Where's My Dad's Truck?

Ten finger, ten toes, and no penis. Joeann Mauer Kirby Kelly

BCTF, as the proud father of two endlessly beautiful little girls, let me say this: Congratulations, and get ready for lots of talking.

The only bad part is I am going

I am not going to be able to have my favorite cigars "Itsaboys"

I wish Hallmark made a card that said:

"Congrats on the birth of your first child, you huge homer."

I think I saw one of those once mixed in with the Mahogany cards, the ones with the Maya Angelou quotes.

BCTF, like Gorge I am also a father of two beautiful girls. Congrats, enjoy your last four and a half months of normal sleep for a while.

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