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Hey kids, ante up for the adventure

Thanks again to our guest writers today, Chief Wahoo and Miller Park Drunk's own Vince. Here, I'll save you the effor: "It's as if the co-editors of this blog don't even write their own pieces anymore rabble rabble rabble!"

Well good news: tomorrow we have no guest pieces planned, just a lot of tense moments leading up to first pitch at Game One, which I will be attending. See you tomorrow, same WoW channel.

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Finally some WoWie love for Schooly D, best rapper evar!

IS Jackalicious really THE MENTALIST in disguise?

I have a photo of Schooly D I yanked from my school newspaper of him standing on the steps of a Wharton building. It's awesome.

I would like to personally thank which ever one of you pranksters went into the 700 level comments and re-posted the ludicrous quotes from my comments here. I larfed and larfed.


The last one was me. It's my favorite.

Well done, Max. I owe you a cakie.

I was going to put this on the earlier post but I got busy at work:

I think a system that teams could more easily retain their own players is what is needed. If there is a player that you drafted/developed is hitting free agency you should be able to match any offer from another team kind of like NFL does with "restricted free agents" but in this case if the team who drafted/developed the player is a lower revenue team they would only have to pay a percentage of the players contract with the league picking up the difference out of the revenue sharing pot. I think low rev teams should only get that money if they spend it on contracts. Example:

Joe Mauer becomes a free agent after next year. He is offered 8 years and 200 mil from the Yankees in a binding contract. The Twins have an option to say they want to take the contract at their allotted percentage (75%). This means that the Twins will pay 150 over 8 years and the league pays 50 mil.

The Twins would have a finite (as will all "low rev" teams) amount that the league would pay. This money would come out of rev sharing that the teams get. Teams can't collect on rev sharing if the don't spend on keeping players.

The players have the final say in all of this. If Joe Mauer gets his big contact to play for the Yankees and the Twins can match it with help from the league Mauer would still have the choice between the two teams or take another offer for less money from another team.

The quote postings on the 700 level: Inspired genius. Nice work, peoples.

Also, Schooly D, 1986: "The record company won't let you say that. You can't be associated with drugs.

98% of rap artists, every day since 1991: "WE SELL DRUGS AND FLAUNT THE PROFITS."

BCTF the Bleeding Heart Liberal endorses the Public Option, I love it. Nothing better than a little bit of welfare, amirite?

I am just saying that rather than giving the "revenue sharing" money to teams, let them earn it by matching money they are going to pay the players instead of just letting them pocket it. If they are already giving welfare, might as well spend it right. While we are on the subject, the US govt should severly cut back on welfare spending. There are too many people who get it and don't deserve it.

I believe the Astros' new manager is the oldest person named Brad of all time.

He is also the only person to named Brad who is also named John McCain

"Hi. I'm a recovering crackhead. This is my retarded sister that I take care of. I'd like some welfare, please."

Nice to see everybody bringing their commenting A-game today. 85 so far for the day and we haven't even gotten to the Biggest Loser liveglog. The playoffs bring out the best in everyone, I guess, except for Yankee fans, WHO CAN CHOKE ON A KNISH FROM A DISEASED SABRETT CART.


NBA opening night or Flyers at Capitals? Me, I'm watching Flyers at Capitals.

High Noon and Poltergeist on TCM HD? Baseball can wait.

More sports blogs need to reference The Awl. This I believe.

Hey kids: I am by no means a MJ fan but "This Is It" was really freaking entertaining, both for the performances and the chance to watch Michael Jackson bravely attempt to avoid any semblance of normalcy.

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