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  • DO you want to read the lurid details of the Jamie McCourt lawsuit against her estranged husband? Like hell you do!

  • ARE you going to audition for the new reality show in D.C. featuring the most die-hard Nationals fans? Like hell you are!

  • DID 'Duk pen a heartfelt tribute to a stagnant Old Yankee Stadium on the day the new joint hosts its first ever Fall Classic game? Like hell he did!

  • WILL you join 3:10 to Joba as he liveglogs Game One of the Most Important World Series in Walkoff Walk's short history? Like hell you will!

That's all we have for you today before tonight's big throwdown in the Bronx. Folks, I just want to thank each and every one of you for supporting Walkoff Walk in the 2009 playoffs. I love the Phillies fans who read us and comment; I especially loved meeting all of 'em at the Heist back in July. But right now, I wish nothing but the deepest of disappointment for them and their families, and I know they feel the same way about me.

In fact, if (when) I am irrational and espouse homerish ideals over the next week, I hope you can forgive me. I think I've been pretty good at avoiding that malarkey for the past twenty months.

Come back later and enjoy the liveglog. Same WoW channel. You too, Lobster Dog.

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Rob, I look forward to being your sworn enemy for the next 8 days. I won't hold it against you, though, and I promise to be your man-on-the-scene again at the Phillies victory parade next week.

If things get to headed, just watch this .gif of Julian Casablancas 'dancing'

I'm banning myself.

In an act of solidarity, I'm wearing a shirt with Chief Wahoo on it. I hope both starting pitchers get shelled tonight - that way, I can easily join in on the liveglogging festivities when I return from hosting open mic.

Ed: you gotta go with the old-school yellow faced Wahoo for maximum racial insensitivity.

Sorry, Chief, but I only have the modern day Wahoo.

Interview with Rinku and JB Sir featuring an update on Rinku's dad's truck.

Full marks to Iracene for his attempts at objectivity. I would make the same attempts except for my total lack of any responsibility here or elsewhere. I hope the Phillies crush the Yankees and the editors of the New York Post immolate themselves. I will tune in to the liveglog (def.?) as you people are my new favorites.

Who is Iracene?

Rob's evil twin?

I'm trying to decide if I'm too sick to go to chem lab today. I'm leaning towards yes, because that would cause me to be kept away from a tv until 8:20. And I have an ear infection! Yay!

So if you wish disappointment on the families of Phillies fans then you wish disappointment on yourself. GO PHILLIES! Stay dry tonight watching Cliff Lee outpitch your ace. Oh, and are you babysitting on Sunday or what?! ;)

"The Yanks will hit them so hard, they'll see stars. Not unlike the dazzling lights and bright stars found on Broadway, the world's showplace," touted Ira Cene, 78, of Morris Knolls.

Aaaaaaand Rob's Sister wins comment of the week! The Iracanes are like the new Mottrams, except I bet only one of them can throw a football 40 yards (hint: IT'S NOT ROB).

MaxL, it just wouldn't be the same without you.

(read this however you want)

What time is first pitch anyways? I'd be shocked if its before 8:20

PREPARE TO BE SHOCKED, Matt. says it's scheduled for 7:57.

No, matt t, I believe it's at 4:20.

o.k., I'm sure I'll be stopping by the liveglog later. If anyone is looking for me I'll be at the Old Country Buffet.

I'll be liveglogging from the Golden Corral guys. If I suddenly stop typing, just assume I've died from heart failure.

Wow, Ed, I am surprised that MLB is doing something smart for once.

And Chief, its always 4:20.

That's true, Matt, but then they did the really stupid thing and scheduled the Sunday game for 8:20...

Alright, alright, let's not pile on the networks yet. The game hasn't started.

EVERY game in this series is set for 7:57 except for Sunday. Yes, Ed, Sunday is set for 8:20, but that's because there's a little program called NFL Football that will be dominating TV screens across our land until 8PM. Fox can't start their pregame show at 7:30 if Brett is still battling the Packers with 3:40 left in the fourth, now can they?

There's no reason to pile on the networks when you can just as easily have more fun blaming Bud Selig.

That's true, Nick, I didn't think of that. Of course, I didn't think of that because I'd rather be watching postseason baseball than regular season football, but perhaps I'm alone on that one.

...but you DO get to watch the World Series, a scant 20 minutes later than you would normally get to see it. Ingrate!

$5 now says Buck works in a Jeter/Favre comparison

Kindly do me a favor and eat a bowl of fuck. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

Was that directed at me, or at matt, or at Joe Buck? Either way, it's not even game time and Ed's got fire. I like it.

That was directed at Nick. It's a good phrase and an opportunity too good to pass up.

...and probably at Joe Buck, too. Either way, I've got lyrics to write for a new album and this is probably a good start.

Classical musician, Ed?

as an aside, what CAN'T you put in a lobster outfit??

as an aside, what CAN'T you put in a lobster outfit?

oh christ. what can't you double-comment?

I don't think you can put Guy Clark in a lobster outfit

The world wants to know Rob: WHICH 2 ENTREES WOULD YOU LIKE FOR $20

I have such a great video to kick off the glog tonight. I can pretty much guarantee you will all hate me as a result.

Are we that enamoured with you anyway?

Yes, Chief. Classically trained in the ways of ROCK, that is... whatever the hell that's supposed to mean...

Hey, do you guys think I should play "Monster Mash" at my open mic tonight?



Play "Black Magic Woman" or "The Time Warp."

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