Tuesday Night Liveglog Club: Yankees @ Angels, ALCS Game Four

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I think this is my first shot at liveglogging a non-Phillies game this postseason. Yep, the Yankees are playing in their seventh game this postseason and this is the first time I'll be hosting the nighttime party post with them in action. What could possibly go wrong?

Join us below in the magic Cover It Live application:

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I thought you glogged the twins/yanks game where Texeira hit a walk-off HR and I bitched like a little girl?

I participated but 310toJoba took care of hosting that event.

Goddamn I love CC, yet I desperately want the Yankees to lose. What do I root for, an 8 inning shutout with Mo coughing one up in the 9th for the loss?

Root for shrimp, Wahoo. Root for shrimp.

Maybe I can root for a perfect game followed by a fatal aneurism on the mound. That works.

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