Walkoff Walk LCS Day One Dabbleboard: Keep It Clean, Folks

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As we did last year for the playoffs, we're going to let you kids noodle around on the virtual blank canvas that is the Dabbleboard. Go knock yourselves out, but try to keep it safe for work so Chief Wahoo doesn't get kicked out of the bar.

UPDATE: The first board was deleted. This one should work. The whole point of this stupid thing was to not have to do any work. Damn you all.

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C'mon, you going to kick the man in the three-thousand dollar suit out of a bar?

Nope, just the dude in the worn-out Russel Athletic t-shirt and no pants.

The Dabbleboard has been deleted by an unknown outside force. I am saddened.

I'm waiting for Drew's recap of last nights WoW fantasy basketball draft.

I won. Recap over!


Uh yeah sorry about missing the draft, I completely forgot.

I drafted Kevin Durant 4th overall while the rest of you scrambled to rebuild the 2003 Western Conference All Star team. Jonah Keri stole my pick no less than 5 times. My team reads like a "Free Darko in five easy steps" starter kit. We discussed pumpkin ales at length.

A good time was had by all, except for matt_T whose team auto drafted 8 point guards and 5 power forwards.

dammit and I was drinking dogfish head punkin last night.

i didn't finish my gigantic bottle of Great Lakes Pumped Kin. It was like beer, but with pumpkin! Nutmeg indeed.

I always thought of pumped kin as more of a West Virginia thing.

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