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Hey kids, sing it don't say it

One other game of note this weekend: tonight, CC Sabathia takes on the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field, with the Kris Liakos vs Rob Iracane Bon Jovi Bet knotted at 139 apiece thanks to Lester's six shutout innings last night. If CC does well, get ready to hear Catshirt howl out "It's My Life" on YouTube. If CC gets bombed, get ready for Rob Iracane to renege on another bet (like Shawn Chacon!)

I'll need no more than one run allowed but Sabathia has a poor history on the road in St. Pete, giving up 8 homers in just 48 career innings there. In comparison, he's allowed but 6 tater tots in New Yankee Stadium over 100 innings of work. Pray for me and my sanity, but if there's a tie, there will be a duet.

Tomorrow: one more Oktoberfest post. Sunday: the regular season will be doneskis. Monday: final Oktoberfest post and the return of the Walkoff Walk Dot Com Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence. You've been warned, same WoW channel.

(Baggiedome photo courtesy of Flickr user photoentropy)

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*takes screenshot of "there will be a duet."*

Long ago, my brother had a Lonnie Smith card, and Lonnie was posing as doing something approximating a glance up at a fly ball. The card was ridiculous and awesome, and we kept it in our room, and paid our respects on a daily basis.

I am heading to the dome tonight to say my final goodbyes. Of course there is a chance I will attend a Vikings game or two there but it will be the last baseball game, unless of course the Twins get lucky and force a playoff. Anyway, as a Twins and Gopher football season ticket holder for many years I have spent more time at the dome than humanly imaginable. I have many fond memories of the place but I am very glad to see it go. This weekend was going to be exciting enough with all the tributes and what not, but the fact that there is meaningful baseball the last weekend of the year makes it awesome. I have always said I would volunteer to "push the plunger" but I am sure a tear or two will be shed tonight as they show the old highlights from 87, 91 (suck it Matt) and every other year they played in that stadium.

I'm spending today here:

Lester is a HUGE BJ fan, and was pitchin his butt off last night to tie the ERA+s, the 2nd half of the conspiracy is when CC fakes an owie and leaves in the 2nd!


I was in SF yesterday, and I read about hardly/strictly. Very cool to learn that a retired VC guy bankrolls the thing every year.


If you get a chance to see Old Crow Medicine Show on Sunday I would highly recommend it.

Booker T & Drive By Truckers? Yes, please.

I don't understand why it says MC Hammer played the Star Stage at 11:30 today. Is that a bluegrass inside joke, or does Hammer play EVERY concert held in the Bay Area?

Also, Guy Clark is playing the Rooster stage at 12:05 PM tomorrow. He's agreed to play the same 30-minute set back-to-back.

Finally, 95% of those names could be made up and I wouldn't know the difference.

I'm with Colonel on Booker T & the Drive By Truckers. I don't even know how that would sound, other than awesome!

CC got bombed tonight. Catshirt wins the bet. There goes your chance of actually seeing a video.

Rob, I have seven words for you, my friend:

do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti

C'mon Rob! We wanna hear your voice when you shout it out loud.

Does this mean CC is not a "true Yankee"?

Rob, don't you want to live while you're alive?

@njpanick: the Friday morning slot is a children's set, and I heard Hammer does a great job with the kids. Didn't see it though.
Tom Morello (Audioslave, Rage Against the Machine) was good. Did Woody Guthrie "This Land is Your Land".

I saw Booker T and the DBTs this summer at Bonnaroo. It was prety cool.


Final score: Lester 139, Sabathia 133

I flew too close to the sun

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