Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, heartache is just a lame way of saying I bruised my ribs

  • WHICH Phillies player would you hug if you ran onto the field during the World Series?

  • IF you complained about the would-be five-day gap between the should-have-been end of the ALCS and the start of the World Series, and you don't watch the game tomorrow night, does that make you the world's biggest hypocrite?

  • SHOULD Jamie McCourt sue her estranged husband for sexual harassment and set feminism back 100 years?

That's it, I've wrapped up this week of guest livegloggery and other assorted mischief with a nice, tidy bow. Once again, I'd like to thank Farthammer and Phillas for putting together one of the best guest pieces in baseball blog history. Go back and check the comments, folks. There's some new gems in there.

And of course, thanks again to all our guest gloggers of the week. Dan McQuade and Tuffy are kings among mere baronets.

This weekend, 3:10 to Joba will put your minds at ease. I'll be back on Monday with your official World Series preview, which I guarantee will be interesting one way or another. Same WoW channel.

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Whenever there's a potential for a riot I'm getting blasted on grain alcohol

"It would be great to have a catch."

Is it just me, or is it feeling a little 2004 in here, Rob?

THIS JUST IN: The Angels have just signed Aaron Boone and his baboon heart.

It's just you and 20 million Yankee haters, you maroon.

Interesting fact: 2004 was the only year I attended a Yankee playoff game. Perhaps it's time I started looking for tickets for tomorrow, bring a little Cleveland Jinxism to the stadium?

I also attended a playoff game in 2004 that involved the Yankess. The results were much different

The Indians were involved in the only playoff game I've attended. Sadly for Cleveland, Jamie Moyer shoved it that afternoon, and the M's won easily.

Ouch, BC and Gorge, on both counts. I made my one and only trip to the right field bleachers in the old Yankee Stadium for game 2 of the 2004 ALCS. Yanks won easy, but that section was full of some seriously inbred, live-or-die with the yankees fans. Ugly, scary people, definitely not a pleasant experience.

So you are saying Rob was there with his extended family?


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