Weekend Questions

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Thus ends another solid week of broadcasting brilliance and boorishness to a bevy of boozy baseball backers. Thank you for joining us along the ride; be back here tomorrow as 310 to Joba continues our heady World Series coverage. Weekend blogging! What a country!

See you Monday, same WoW channel.

(photo via that slob Tommy Lasorda's Twitpic feed...haha, feed)

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What else would you like with that pastrami sandwich?
A loaf of bread and some other people!!!

Will new commenter jackalicious stick around long enough to earn his own WoW commemorative mason jar like the lovely one you sent me?

Boo! Travel day, I was just getting my baseball momentum back after the season ended in AUGUST up here. WHAT A SERIES! WOOO!!!

Wait Chif, Rob sent you a mason jar but he still hasn't sent me the lobster baby pin? Now I hope the Yankees lose.

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