Which One of Them Gets to Keep Troy From West Virginia?

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Dodgers owners Frank and Jamie McCourt, shown above with a couple of other fruity loons, are separating. Their press flunky issued a statement that this is "a private matter" but screw them. Frank owns a baseball team and promoted his wife to CEO. Their intimate life is ours now. As per the AP article:

During the Dodgers' division series sweep of St. Louis, the McCourts didn't sit together in the owner's box behind home plate. She sat in the first row and he was in the third, often next to former Dodgers manager Tom Lasorda.

Oh my god Tommy Lasorda has ruined another marriage! He's a homewrecking dago!

Note: this is just like when Jon and Kate broke up, except that ball-breaking wench Kate actually comes off as more likable than Jamie McCourt.

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As part of her alimony agreement, every new Dodger contract will have a "shrew clause". Each player can choose* to donate a pre-selected amount to directly benefit any number of Jamie's residences. It's a way of giving back to the woman who did absolutely nothing for you.

*is mandatory

One of them is going to end up buying out the other, and knowing divorce laws as well as I do*, I bet Jamie is going to end up the owner of the Dodgers in the end.

*not at all

I just realized that I implied Tommy Lasorda broke up the marriage by being in flagrante delicto with Frank and not Jamie. This improves the joke geometrically.

I thought you did it intentionally, and chalked it up to your comedy genius. Shoulda known better.

Also, this totally doesn't count as fulfilling your end of the bet. I didn't know you were a Rutgers guy.

That last link is my favorite because of the couple commenters that pretty much blow up the McCourt's Dream Foundation.

Kate might be more likable, but Jamie has a better haircut.

@njpanick, I'm waiting for Rob to sing and to throw pig blood on the Lasorda portrait down in D.C.

No shit, Colonel. Smart people used to comment here?

Five bucks says somebody will ask Joe Torre and/or players about this and if it's a "distraction" to the team during the NLCS.

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