World Series Is Veritable Battle for the Soul of New Jersey

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If there's one thing we New Jerseyans love, it's a big bowl of pasta fagioli with a crusty piece of garlic bread and a glass of cheap Chianti. But if there's another thing we Jersey trash love, it's baseball, pal. This is why the latest World Series matchup featuring North Jersey's favorite Yankees and South Jersey's chosen Phillies will be a veritable Civil War in the country's most diverse (and most awesome) state. Brother vs sister, taylor ham vs pork roll, Springsteen vs Bon Jovi, the whole of this state will be torn apart by a burgeoning new rivalry between MLB's two best teams.

With its own Mason-Dixon line of sorts extending somewhere through Trenton, New Jersey's baseball fans have their top two favorite teams set up geographically. According to a Quinnipiac poll from June, 44% of the state prefers the Yankees and 21% root for the Phillies (the Mets, unsurpringly, finish third at 20%). We Northerners trek across the George Washington Bridge and them Southern folk traverse the Ben Franklin Bridge to witness our favorite teams with fervor.

Forget the metrosexuals in Manhattan: the greatest concentration of Yankees fans in the world is firmly entrenched in North Jersey. Ignore the buttheads in Bucks County: real Phillies fans live across the Delaware in Camden County. Ben Franklin once referred to New Jersey as a "keg tapped at both ends" by the big cities of New York and Philadelphia. It's true: NYC and Philly can't survive without the foamy goodness contained within the Garden State. We are the lifeblood; starting Wednesday, the first blood will be drawn and New Jersey will be on fire.

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Is Guido Beach neutral territory like Switzerland?

Only jerks and snobs take the Ben over to Philly to get to CBP. The real fans sit in bumper-to-bumper and curse the lane closures on the Walt Whitman.

Only someone from dirty* Jersey would claim to have better fans than the people from the actual place.

*Having lived just across the Scudder Falls Bridge in Yardley, PA, I know full well that there are some beautiful places in NJ. I once took a hike through Stokes State Park in the springtime, and I swear I didn't know Jersey could be that pretty.

Football state.

The funny smelling, vaguely toxic lifeblood.

Just kidding, I have family in Jersey. But they're not native so it's alright.

Springsteen vs Bon Jovi

Or Gaslight Anthem vs The Roots for those who aren't jamooks stuck in 1986

Lifetime vs. The Bouncing Souls!

njpanick - 100% agree. You take the Ben if you're going to the Franklin Institute, maybe to visit a friend at St. Joe's or get drunk on the Art Museum steps. You take the Walt to CBP. Duh.

What bridge do I take to get to Fishtown to smell the wafting stank and get mugged?

Lifetime vs. The Bouncing Souls!

That's just cruel, why must I choose???

best band from Jersey: Dramarama

Long Island looks like a big dong that's about to jam itself in Jeter's mouth.

best band from Jersey: Dillinger Escape Plan

Rob, you want wafting stank and muggings? Try the Goethals.

Also, Lords of the Underground vs. Poor Righteous Teachers.

No love for Yo La Tengo?



No love for the Walt Whitman?

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