WWF Wrestlers Vs. Chicago Media All-Stars - 1994

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This week on Classic TV Friday we travel back to Chicago in the summer of 1994. If you'll remember, once August rolled around there wasn't a whole lot of baseball being played in this country. The player strike had taken effect and who would save the country from the dark abyss of a baseball free summer? Who always saves the country in their time of need? Professional wrestlers, of course.

Our video is a charity softball game between a bunch of wrestlers and the "Chicago Media All-Stars." It bugs me they didn't mention any names of the media guys in this post, but Gorilla Monsoon never struck me as a voracious reader. I was searching for Mariotti or that bozo Steve Rosenbloom, but my eyes aren't so good anymore. Plus, who could possibly avert their gaze from Macho Man's flowing shoulder tassles as he rounds first base? Please to enjoy.

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I hope someone gave Gene Siskel the suplex move and then threw a trash can at him.

It bothers me that Gorilla never mentioned Randy Savage's past as a minor leaguer in the 70s. According to wikipedia he injured his right shoulder so he learned to throw with his left arm. Bad. Ass.

Wait, what kind of ball are they using? Where are the effing gloves?

16 inch softball! The greatest baseball inspired game ever invented. You can drink at any position and to hit a ball like Savage hit you might as well be Barry Bonds because everyone else is lucky to get it out of the infield.

I wonder what young minor leaguer Randy Poffo would have said if he could have looked into a crystal ball and seen himself 15 years later playing softball in that ridiculous get up with a new name. Life is weird.

They may as well be playing kickball like a bunch of Williamsburg hipsters.

Diesel is my 1B.

He has hair silken like a Chinese man and the skin of a hot dog

I wonder if any of those guys were juicing? Not really fair for the Chicago media if there were.... Imeanright?

I wonder if any of those guys were juicing? Not really fair for the Chicago media if there were.... Imeanright?

aargh. Double post. And I'm making it worse!

(Also, Miller Park - excellent background. I was going to say, it looked to me like Macho Man called his shot AND THEN delivered. sure, he's famously confident, but to back it up? Yowza)

Juicing was never fair to Guy Clark, but that didn't stop 'em.

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