Your 2009 World Series Predictions Post

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Let's get the gang together and issue some wild World Series predictions, but instead of declaring a winner AND the number of games the series will go, let's choose between a barnburning close series or a bunch of snoozy cakewalks.

Why this format? Because a team can sweep and still have it be a close series, like if each of the wins is by one run. Last year's World Series only went five games, but four of the games were close, i.e. the winning team prevailed by just one or two runs. To me, that might be better than a World Series that goes seven games with a bunch of blowouts. The individual games matter, too.

Onto the prognosticating:

  • Kris Liakos: Yankees in a close series...because God hates me and Pedro Martinez. And because the Yankees bullpen is lights out.

  • Rob Iracane: Yankees in a close series...because Joe Girardi likes to give away outs like Halloween candies, thus stifling any big Yankees rallies.

  • Drew Fairservice: Yankees in a close series...because they will grind out enough at bats for the suspect Phillies bullpen to expose its supple underbelly. Then, they strike!

  • 3:10 to Joba: Phillies in a close series...because these are two evenly matched teams, but the fact that the Phillies get to play at home 3 games in a row at CBP cannot be understated. Especially when one of those games will force the Yankees to bat Jose Molina 8th and AJ Burnett 9th.

  • Daniel McQuade: Phillies in a cakewalk...because they won't give away hundreds of outs like the Twins and the Angels did, and the ghost of Tomas Perez will haunt the Yankees for stealing his pie-in-the-face gag. (Note: Tomas Perez is still alive.)

  • 'Duk of Big League Stew: Phillies in a close series .... because I'm just a smidge (Lidge?) less confident than Jimmy Rollins.

  • Jonah Keri: Phillies in a close series...because they'll hit a lot of home runs. Nothing kills a rally quicker than a home run.

  • Josh Zerkle of With Leather: Phillies in a close series...because bullpen success is crucial in a best-of-seven series. Plus, I don't want to live in a world where the Yankees are good again.

  • A.J. Daulerio of Deadspin: Phillies in a cakewalk because fuck those Yankee fucks.

Wow, almost everybody thinks this thing will be close. But what I really want to know is the opinion of the WoWies. What do you think will happen? Anyone think we're in for a bunch of blowouts?

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There will be at least 1 blowout, tomorrow when Pedro pitches in Yankee Stadium.

Yanks win a close one with their pitching.

Yankees in a close series because Nick Swisher stinks. Also, Yankee fans have suffered longer than Phillies fans.

Why did J pick the Phils? Reverse psychology? Catholic guilt? Bodysnatcher?

J, you disappoint me by picking the Phils.

I'm just surprised Daulerio gave us a prediction instead of revealing which players have been unfaithful to their spouses.

At this point, I wouldn't trust either bullpen. But the NL team getting three home games in a row is gonna be big for them and they could definitely steal one in Yankee Stadium when the short porch comes a-callin' for Howard and Chutley. Phillies in a close one.

With only 100 miles separating the 2 cities, it seems like they could play a 2-2-1-1-1 series.

Yeah, UU, they easily could play a 2-2-1-1-1 series. But this is baseball, and they aren't changing a thing unless fan and media pressure forces them to cave in.

Phils in an awesomely close 6 or 7 game series. I agree with Matt that we'll see one, maybe 2 blowouts, but with these two electric offenses, even a four or five-run lead won't be safe in the later innings. I'm much more excited right now than I was before game 1 in '08, mainly because the thought of sippin' on Yankee tears is so wonderfully delicious.

Also, with the advent of the Acela Train, we could play this series 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 without any major hiccups.

Yankees in 6.

WILL any of the games end before midnight eastern time?

Matt, I hope the first one won't. Then I can join in on the liveglog party after 11.

Fuck I failed. Goddamn pig plague.

May I point out that only Dmac and I originally predicted a Yanks/Phils World Series.

Our opinions differed as to who would prevail, but it is clear that either the Yankees or Phillies will fulfill the prophecy and reveal either Dmac or myself to be the smartest man on the Earth.

Phillies in 5, followed by the realization that the Phillies are the new Red Sox who were themselves the new Yankees. Everyone hates Phillies until another high-payroll team wins the WS.

Drew, may I point out that I also predicted Yanks/Phils (see 2nd comment) with the Yankees winning it all. Also, it looks like you originally predicted the Phils to win the WS

either Dmac or myself to be the smartest man on the Earth

With absolutely no ill will intended towards DMac, I think your Pitch F/X efforts have already given you the title, Drew.

Also, I'd like to remind everyone that there haven't been a playoffs without a deciding game (either 5 or 7) since 1998. The Yankees won that year, obviously. HARBINGER ALERT

Phillies in four.

Followed by The House That Jeter Built collapsing in upon itself as Girardi melts into a puddle at home plate. (I guess Girardi will have to get on the Acela around about the sixth inning of Game Four for this to actually happen, but that's my call and I'm sticking with it)

Yankees win big in 5 games. Teixeira MVP.

Holy shit, I DID predict the Phillies to win.

You did pick the series UU, but Dmac & I nailed 3 out of 4 LCS participants each.

Phillies in 6....because it's the westernmost east coast shit city of the two.

Colonel and UU

I made my decision the way I make all my important choices: under the influence of booze. Seriously, between the time Rob emailed asking for my pick and when I answered I chugged 6 beers...

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