Be a Good Baseball Fan and Help Feed the Hungry

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All over the world, people go to sleep hungry. Even in the United States of America and it's little Northern sister Canada, there are an alarming number of needy folks who don't get to enjoy the fruits of their labors on a regular basis. In these hard times, an alarming 15% of Americans are struggling to put food on the table while numbers are similarly skyrocketing in Canada.

Here in the US, Thanksgiving is just a week away and the terrifically terrifying Black Friday trails close behind. Maybe instead of spending insane dollars on crap we don't need we can direct those funds towards a good cause. Just like we did last year, we're going to persuade you to (read: guilt you into) donating cash or food to your local food banks or, even better, volunteering at your local soup kitchen.

Food banks operate year-round, not just during the holidays, and are constantly in need of volunteers and donations. Things have not been easy with companies and individuals cutting back on their charity AND more and more people showing up hungry on a daily basis. So please, do what you can and ignore that nonsense from the MLB marketing department. You DON'T need a Cleveland Indians themed Rubiks Cube as much as your neighbor needs a bowl of soup and some bread.

But hey, some of us are busy bees buzzing around the hive and we don't have time to volunteer. Lucky for you, these places take credit card donations over the Internet. Once again, here's a nearly complete list of food banks in MLB cities. Pick your favorite.

If your city or town isn't represented here, head on over to Feeding America. Thanks for reading; let's hope that by the time we all sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, there are millions of folks who can take their names off the list of the hungry.

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Saw "The Road" last night and they provided a solution for this problem.

Was it awesomely great or greatly awesome?

Spoiler alert: It is soul-crushingly depressing.

It was soul-crushingly depressing, potent nightmare fuel, and absolutely awsome. Not sure it could have been done better. Of course, I also never want to see it again.

And to get back on point, I will add the money I saved by seeing it for free to whatever else I send to a foodbank as a donation.

I am working soup kitchens this winter. I am now better than all of you, which is the real reason to do soup kitchens.

I am the walrus, I am the foodbank; sou-sou-sou-soup.

The one in Kansas City sounds like a direct antithesis to their team's operating mentality.

That study is all wrong. The soup we serve has lean meat protein, which is all anyone needs to score TDs.

Not to go off topic but I just copy and pasted this from the MLB page of

"...but ESPN favors 2008 winner Tim Lincecum to beat out St. Louis aces Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright."



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