Charlie Manuel Is a Class Act Through and Through

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Via our pals at the 700 Level, here's a peek into the losing manager's presser. But with a real baseball gentleman like Charlie Manuel, you really can't tell that this is a dude who feels sad and sorry that his team just lost. No wonder Phillies fans idolize a man who has the confidence to say that his team will be back and the brass ones to hope it's against the Yankees:

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Thanks for another great season, Uncle Cholly

I'll admit that I was one of those knee-jerk reactionaries that was calling for his firing back in the summer of '07. I'm glad that I was so very, very wrong.

The most you can ask a manager is to not lose a game for a team. If your manager falls alseep from the third inning on, he could win Manager of the Yearâ„¢.

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