Eric Gagne Wants to Bring Baseball Back to Montreal, Eh?

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Former MLB star reliever and emo kid Eric Gagne, who spent the summer leading the Quebec Capitales to the Can-Am League title with his 6-6 record and 4.65 ERA, wants to let you know that he'd like to bring baseball back in Montreal despite his lack of business prowess.

At a charity event in Quebec City, Gagne was asked if he would lead an investment team to help Montreal get a professional baseball team. His response:

His response, translated from his native French-Canadian tongue:

"I know baseball but I'm not a businessman and there are other things involved that I don't want to deal with. I know how to lead a good team. I know there's a lot of people and potential in Montreal but can't say much more than that. I'd need to know more about the business side of things...but yes I would be interested."

Ask folks in Boston if Eric Gagne "knows baseball" and "knows how to lead a good team" and you'll get a wildly different reaction than Gagne's own opinion.

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The Olympics will return to Montreal before baseball does.

They should totally move the Washington Nationals to Montreal.

Hey UU! Shanahan! Eh, eh!?! But enough about that. Eric Gagne is a dumpy hoser.

Youppi! was the best, man. Luckily, you can still gaze in wonder on its very presence - you just have to score Canadiens tickets somehow (good friggin' luck).

Eric Gagne learned everything he needs to know about baseball from this clip.

Really? You're going to piss on Eric Gagne for what happened at the end of his career? I guess by that standard Willie Mays was an f'ing bum too, eh?

Gagne was one of the most exciting players in baseball and put up one of the greatest runs by a closer ever, for three solid years. If you ever went to Dodger Stadium and saw Gagne bolt out of the dugout in the 9th, you'd think the sky was raining thousand-dollar bills and In-Out-Burgers, the way everyone reacted.

And yeah, the guy's a huge supporter of baseball in Montreal, and baseball in Canada.

Eric Gagne is awesome, everyone in Boston can shut the hell up, and thank you for posting this great clip of Gagne speaking passionately about his hometown.

/don't f with Canada

Right on Jonah. Gagne had an incredible run of success, and that's what we should remember him for, rather than his injury-riddled years of decline with Boston and several other teams (though it probably wasn't all injury-related). Let's not let those whining bitches from Boston rewrite the narrative of his career.

I'm all for supporting 'roided-up monsters. They made baseball more fun. Go Eric Gagne!

Oh, right, and: GO CANADA! I like Sarah Chalke, that girl on How I Met Your Mother, and that girl on Being Erica (haha).

By "those whining bitches from Boston" I meant of course not only the fans who fit that category but George Mitchell. On a more serious note, it's a damn shame what happened to the Expos, and it certainly wasn't inevitable (lots of mismanagement and bad luck). Seriously, how cool would it be if right now there were a team in Montreal of all places (they speak French there!) that played winning baseball with an honest-to-god fan-base full of hockey aficionados. It would make MLB so much more interesting. There's an alternate universe somewhere in which the Expos didn't turn into a AAA team in Washington. It didn't have to be this way!

sorry, us whining bitches got behind on reading baseball blogs
I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone around here that still has two whineies left to rub together about Gag-nee
that ship has long sailed
he's playing for the Can-Am League fah-cris-sakes


Put him in Le Hall du Fame.

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