Oh What a Save By Girardi!

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As if having the gumption (and resources) to go an entire postseason with a three-man rotation wasn't enough for Yankees manager Joe Girardi, he had to go and play the role of real-life hero by coming to the aid of a motorist in need. A lady driver from Connecticut, naturally:

On his way home from winning the World Series, Yankees Manager Joe Girardi stopped to help a woman who had lost control of her car on the Cross County Parkway and crashed into a wall.

The area is notorious for its blind spots, and Girardi, who had parked his car along the right side of the parkway, and then run across the traffic to get to the injured motorist, put his life at risk, police said.

"He could have gotten killed," county Sgt. Thomas McGurn said, adding that responding police units take extra precaution in that area because of the blind curve and speeding cars. "Traffic goes by at 80 mph."

I've driven on that road at night after Yankees games and can attest to the danger involved when it's dark and there are idiot New York and Connecticut drivers speeding around blind curves like madmen. Yes, I am a New Jersey driver complaining about the aggressive driving habits of residents of other states. Enjoy the delicious irony.

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Once paramedics determined the driver's condition to be stable, AJ Burnett ran up and pied her in the face.

Seriously, that was manly of Girardi. Good on him.

The irony would be just as, if not more, delicious if you were a Massachusetts driver, Rob.

When asked about his reasons behind aiding the motorist, Girardi lifted a road flare above his head and said "WOOOOOOOOOOOOO, that was for a fan!" He then proudly displayed his trademark butter-yellow smile.

Even if she hadn't crashed, Joe would have forced her off the road and made her passenger drive to the next milemarker. Then he would summon a deer from the neighboring woods and demand it drive up to the toll booth.

"I like the match up of the deer's cloven hooves and the approaching straight stretch of road. It gives this vehicle the best chance of making it home safely."

/what do you mean they won?

Looks like Girardi picked up a few tips from Rivera

He still wouldn't have been hit as hard as Pedro last night.

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