Please, Mr. Pujols, Win the Triple Crown For Those of Us Under 50

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Dear Mr. Albert Pujols,

First and foremost, I want to congratulate you for winning your second straight and third overall National League MVP award. What a mitzvah! I'm sure your family is very proud of your accomplishments and your fans are anxious for you to bring back another title to St. Louis.

But for the rest of us in the baseball world, can you do us a real solid and collect baseball's first Triple Crown since Boston Red Sox outfielder Carl Yastrzemski did it way back in 1967? See, for those of us under the age of 50, we really haven't had a chance to witness a baseball player lead the league in batting average, RBI, and home runs in a single season. It's about time someone of your caliber made it his business to tackle the task.

Heck, there hasn't even been a National League Triple Crowner since Ducky Medwick back in nineteen-dickety-seven. Those old fart American League fans had a lot to enjoy in the forties, fifties, and sixties. Ted Williams taking the Crown twice, Mickey Mantle once, and Frank Robinson the year before Yaz did the deed.

You've come close yourself a couple times; leading the NL in batting in 2003 but coming up just shy of the HR and RBI lead, and leading the NL in homers last year but falling six RBI short of Prince Fielder and 15 points behind Hanley Ramirez in average. Heck, you're the active leader in batting average and the only guy to top 30 homers and 100 ribs in each of the past nine seasons. This is not unpossible.

Of course, the Cardinals could help you out a bit by re-signing Matt Holliday, who provided some excellent lineup protection...not that you really needed it. You've increased your walk total every year of your career except one while keeping your strikeout total steady. Waiting for the right pitch to hit has really proven to be quite rewarding. Maybe they could sign some decent OBP guys to hit ahead of you. Ducky Medwick had ducks on the pond. Why not you?

We may never see a guy reach .400 again, or see someone collect a hit in 56 straight games. I think as baseball fans under the age of 50, we'll be happy just to witness a Triple Crown, no matter how meaningless the ancient statistic of batting average is in today's sabermetricalicious world. Please, Mr. Pujols, give us baseball fans the joy of celebrating an incongruous collection of numbers that is higher than the respective numbers of any other competitor in your chosen league.

Yours truly,
Baseball fans under 50

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No love for Joe Mauer's slash line triple crown? HE MISSED TIME, SPARE HIM YOUR COUNTING STATS

If you take Pujols' stats over the last ten years and compare them with everyone else, I think (psshhh, I'm not actually checking this claim) that he leads in HR, RBI, and AVG.

Hey, Jake Peavy won the NL Pitching Triple Crown in 2007. That's pretty recent. (The most recent in the AL was Johan Santana, the year before.)

Colonel, A-Rod actually has Pujols beat in HR over the nine years Pujols has been in the league (394-366). Over the decade A-Rod has him beat in RBI, too.

I think sabermetricalicious just doesn't have the same ring...

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