Site News You Can't Use: Walkoff Walk Reorganizes Its Sock Drawer

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Hold onto your hats, Walkoff Walk has decided to change its format for the upcoming long winter ahead. Instead of regurgitating rumours and printing vapidly pointless posts with ginormous blockquotes, we are going to switch to one post per day, with contributions from each member of the extended WoWie family.

After a bit of discussion, Kris and I have decided that this will help make the content at WoW a bit more original and deep. Translation: Dmac and Drew will continue to bring original and deep content while Rob and Kris will finally pull their weight at the website that bears their names.

From Monday to Thursday, you can expect a brand new original post from either Kris Liakos, Rob Iracane, Drew Fairservice, or Dan McQuade. On Friday, you'll get a free-for-all, with videos and whatnot and perhaps even some content from our new weekend guy 310toJoba. We'll post alliteratively-titled breaking news items seven days a week, of course, because when you find out that your favorite team just signed Fernando Rodney, you'll need a place to vent.

This means no more Tonight's Questions or Dutch Oven posts this offseason. (sad! I know!) But for our best commenters, don't let that prevent you from sharing your opinions on any topic in any post after hours. I'm not sure any of us can thrive without daily updates about what Chief Wahoo's dog is wearing.

Of course, you can always follow along with our super-scintillating-sensational bon mots on our assorted Twitter feeds, followable through one handy-dandy list. How else would you know that Corey Patterson was arrested in Boston?

Questions? Requests? Feel free to put 'em in the comments below or email tips.

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You can see what Moe wears each day for free, but seeing him naked is gonna cost you.

Moe eats better than I do.

I was hoping for a new logo that doesn't look like an angry eagle on my bookmarks bar.

As long as I can keep posting my wildly inaccurate and uninformed trade rumors, I'm happy.

Hey, have youse guys heard that the Cubs are going to trade Derrek Lee to the Angels for Gary Matthews Jr.?

Whoo-hoo, the Indians just announced their spring training schedule for next year. May be my only chance to see them before they are mathematically eliminated.

Holy shit MDT, I thought that WAS an eagle until about February of this year, but never said anything because I didn't want to sound like an idiot. Thanks for doing it for me!

Also, I am sad that my recipe exchange concept was never fully embraced. I need to make snickerdoodles for an office party, and if I can't rely on a baseball website to help me, tell me what the fuck am I supposed to do?

I'll still give you guys updates on what all you can eat buffet I'll be dining at.

Does this mean I have to rely on David O'Brien for wildly inaccurate rumors? It will be like 2005 all over again.

Murray Chass likes your one column a week idea. IT'S NOT A BLOG!


I heard that Mastodon was going to be doing Take Me Out to the Ballgame for the Braves in 2010

With the rise of Twitter and the fall of MLB meetings in warm, sunny locales, we could be in for a very complainy offseason.

More than anything, I'm impressed by Moe's ability to distract everyone from the actual message: Going forward, we will get much less of something we all really like.

That said, I'm happy this thing will continue on, no matter the format or cadence.

Colonel has a good point. To that I say: Complain away, GMs and beat writers! We'll be here to make fun of you the whole time.

In and Out is the #fisted of the offseason

Rob is cutting back at WoW to devote more time to his travel series, The Adventuring Pederast.
This week: The University of Richmond!


Clearly you haven't forgotten the "Moession Accomplished" banner.

Holy shit, I thought that was an eagle until about right now! (Note: I am an idiot.)

I feel less stupid now too. THANKS GUYS

1 c short (part butter)
1 1/2 c sugar
2 eggs
2 3/4 c flour
2 t cream of tarter
1 t soda
1/4 t salt
400 degree oven, mix wet, blend dry, combine
roll into sm balls, roll in mixt. 2 T sugar, 2 t cinamon
bake 8-10 min

Hey guys, get this: It *is* an eagle.

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