Something to be Thankful for: You Are Not the Mets

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Before every twitterfeed burns up with righteous anger over today's National League MVP announcement (you mean X voted for Scumbag Y?? Outrage!), lets take time to reflect on what a colossal mess the Mets continue to be. Not only did they just watch a World Series featuring their two biggest rivals, they are also a team without a direction or an identity. To which I say: awesome!

To be fair to the poor, injury-ravaged Mets, they have a high number of excellent players in their employ. All of whom who may well be on death's door. Or Puerto Rico for the off-season, one can't be too sure. A nucleus of Johan Santana, Carlos Beltran, David Wright, and Jose Reyes indeed a fine starting point for any franchise. Yet for the Mets, it feels as though they are in limbo.

History shows the Mets to spend money like a hausfrau on Black Friday: indiscriminately on crap with little or no purpose. While signing stars like Reyes and Wright to team-friendly contracts before they reached free agency years ago may seem like good ideas, leaving Mets GM Omar Minaya with more cash all that equity burning a hole in his pocket is not. He's only going to heave it at Oliver Perez, Francisco Rodriguez or another pitcher who offers little or no return. The Mets have a few glaring holes but the front office and fanbase are far, far apart on where to fill them.

The Mets deep pockets ensure the can negotiate dollar-for-dollar with any team in baseball for a high-end free agent, but the Mets are also (hilariously) able to overpay to ensure lower profile guys have the chance to disappoint Queens residents for weeks at a time.

Just about every free agent (or defacto free agent) is connected to the Mets by one rumor or another. They're going to be bidding against the Yankees for John Lackey, they're inquiring about Sassy Senior Jorge Cantu's to play first base. They're going to create a package (with what prospects?) to make a run at Roy Halladay, they're considering reclamation project Ben Sheets. Matt Holliday? How about Mark DeRosa instead. Aroldis Chapman? Meet Staten Island jamook Jason Marquis. The lack of a viable catching option is leading to fully functioning, working adults pining for Bengie Molina to step into the void.

The Mets burning need to win now strip-mined their system while serving the big club well, despite the collapses. The Mets now face an aging roster with holes at key spots, with only shudder-worthy internal options all around the diamond. This is a team at a crossroads, with very large new building to fill and sky-high expectations to contend with.

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Don't overlook the gritty Daniel Murphy.

Fearless November Prediction #1: the Mets will win the NL Wild Card in 2010. Because something this bad can only get better, right?

I assume this is your preemptive shot at the Mets for acquiring Roy Halladay?

Cleaning woman?!?

We here at Walkoff Walk are resolute in our abuse of hausfraus. We will give no quarter to the laziest and trophywived among us!

Oh don't worry, the shots at Halladay's new team will come. It just won't be the Mets.

The New York Mets: Fun To Watch For All The Wrong Reasons

Don't forget, they'll be massively overpaying Jeff 'Frenchy' Francoeur too.

Don't ever change Mets, don't ever change

Mets Schmets....

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