State With Huge Mall Brings You Ballpark That Feels Like Huge Mall

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Come on along with Dave Lee of WCCO Radio as he takes you on a personal tour of the Minnesota Twins' new ballpark, Target Field! Open air baseball in Minneapolis? Sure!

Seats that hang over the playing field? Obstructed views in the right field seats? A Budweiser party deck? These things sound like planning mistakes to me.

Radiant heaters? Ash wood back seats? Pork chop on a stick? Sign me up, now you're talking a ballpark with character!

For a more folksy, genteel tour of the park without any of that newfangled video, Minnesota Public Radio has got you covered.

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The video says Kevin Smith is the host, but the budget for this piece must have been WAY more than $25k.

Looks perfect to me. I LOVE the seats hanging over right field. Ballparks need quirks like that (just preferably ones less dangerous ones than the hill in dead centerfield in Houston). Can't wait to go to my first game in this place, even if I'm lucky enough for that to happen on April 12...

If Kevin Smith was the host, $25K would cover half of the buffet costs.

The last time wood seats were installed was prior to WW2, apparently. Coincides with the last time anyone thought 'Walleye on a Stick' was a good idea. Streeeeeetch those war-time budgets, folks.

She sure is a beaut, Clark.

In case anyone thinks I'm being anti-Minnesotal in my criticism, here is a full list of ballparks that are mall-esque:

Yankee Stadium
Camden Yards
Rogers Centre
Citizens Bank Park
PNC Park

And a dozen others I have yet to attend.

Safeco and Miller are about as mall-like as they get. Also great places to watch a ballgame.

"Mall-esque" is much better then the metrodome that can only be described as "hugefuckingtoilet-esque"

Kevin Smith is a bit of a mall rat

Man, as I am from San Diego, I used to love watching ballgames at the Murph. 8 bucks sitting up in the nose bleeds you could see the whole game; plays, who's warming up stuff like that. Now at Petco, the only way to see the whole game game is from TV. Sit any where in the stands (except the $70 field seats) you can see MOST of the game but down the lines (depending on where you sit) yah, you're gonna miss plays. Bull pen forget it. I like the look of the new ball parks, but man I sure miss seeing the whole field and all the plays when I actually go to the ballpark.

I love Minnesota Public Radio.

The Current, ftw.

Of course you do hipster

I bet you listen to a morning show with wacky sound effects.

I want the elephant!


Seriously though, I listen to local sports station, KNBR. Outstanding shows for the most part. I'd rather listen to KNBR's commercials than Colin Cowherd and Jim Rome.

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