That Dock Ellis Animated Short You've Been Hearing About

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Courtesy of a million different sports blogs but specifically the good folks at No Mas comes this spectacular animated interview with Dock Ellis, he of the no-hitter pitched while stoned on acid. James Blagden did a heckuva good job putting this video together. Please to enjoy.

Further reading on Ellis.

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If I worked for MLB Archives, the first thing I would look up would be this game.

It'd be like re-watching The Sixth Sense after you find out that Bruce Willis is on LSD.

I watched it with the sound off. I don't know what was said, but the graphics were mighty fine.

Phillas, you didn't miss much. It was just Bill Cosby reading three random pages from Ulysses.

Rudy! Theooooo! Leopold!

If a cable network hired that guy to give similar treatment to other wacky stories, I would watch for hours.

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