The Manager of the Year Award Winners Failed to Excite Me

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Mike Scioscia, who led his Los Angeles Angels of Angelheim to a tidy division title despite the untimely loss of one of his employees, won the AL Manager of the Year award. Jim Tracy, who led his Colorado Rockies to a tidy Wild Card spot despite the untimely mishandling of the team by his predecessor Clint Hurdle, took the NL Manager of the Year award.

Ron Gardenhire finished second in the AL despite "doing so much with so little". You hear that, Joe Mauer? You're inconsequential to the success of your squadron! Some old fart did all the heavy lifting!

The Manager of the Year award is the least analytical of any post-season award doled out by the BBWAA, which is why I cannot allow myself to critique their choices. Go ahead! Reward some middle-aged greaseballs for screwing up the least. Managerial moves aren't strategically that important to the outcome of a game anyway.

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I will drink a Coors in honor of Jim Tracy.
Then smash the bottle and slit Bambi's throat with it.
Coors. The Banquet Beer.

You should be more upset that Bruce "Buster Posey can lick it" Bochey received MULTIPLE second place votes. Next thing you know the team will extend his....nevermind.

"Go ahead! Reward some middle-aged greaseballs..."

Rob, Scioscia was the only middle aged greaseball rewarded this year, unless you count Girardi winning the World Series.

Don Wakamatsu only came in 4th? Consider me outraged and incensed.

That was the best post-Hurdle finish by a Tracy since Lords in "110-meter Gash."

Is the level of indifference I feel now hazardous to my health?

Really I won't ever care about this "award" until Robot Frempkins wins it as a player manager in 2011.

Stop the internet. Phony Gwynn wins everything.

I only yawned once during this wrap-up, so this is my favorite award of the post-season thus far.

I think Scioscia won the award thanks to the awesome wonder of The Mike Scioscia Face.

Off-topic: do not watch this perverted video while you are at work. Also, do not not watch that video because it is fantastically horrible.

Does anyone else start humming "Poker Face" when they hear the phrase Mike Scioscia Face?

Mi-Mi-Mi-Mi-Mi-Mi-Mi-Mike Scioscia faaaaaace

Just me? Awesome. Forget that I wrote that. GRRRR SPORTS

There's a 25-year-old dickface on CNBC right now, who looks like Rob Schneider, and continues to say, "I'm long on gold right now". He finished fifth behind Waka.

Rob, it would only be perverted if he [semi-spoiler] liked eating the poop.

It's nice to see a member of the 1992 Championship softball team from the Springfield Nuclear Plant make good for himself.

Ron Gardenhire; always the bridesmaid....

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