This Guy Is Playing Golf Right Now: Every Baseball Player

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As the playoffs and award season gets underway, we want to take a gander at some players who had outstanding seasons in 2009 but whose teams ended up just shy of making the postseason and who will (most likely) not pick up any fancy trophies. Quite a consolation prize: a round of golf and a write-up on a low circulation sports blog.

Previously, Franklin Gutierrez, Garrett Jones, Danny Haren, Shin Soo Choo, Wandy Rodriguez, Adrian Gonzalez, Pablo Sandoval, Javier Vazquez, Russell Branyan, Ben Zobrist, Adam Lind and Prince Fielder.

Up next, every single baseball player.

So, this is what the kids are calling "the offseason" nowadays. Thanks to all the writers who contributed essays to the "This Guy Is Playing Golf" series which is now coming to a close. Because, you see, every single baseball player is either headed to the golf course or saving folks on highways or off to the Letterman show. Such is the nature of the beast.

There's no way we can say we discovered any of these guys or even improved their Q rating a bit. But still, over the past month full of Yankees, Phillies, Dodgers, Angels, and the rest, it was fun to focus a bit on the players on the fringe of the mainstream or the verge of superstardom. Or, perhaps some of them may never find success in the big leagues again after this season. But rest assured, they probably made at least a million dollars and have a tidy job at a car dealership waiting for them when they retire.

Really, the best part of this series was imagining a foursome of Pablo Sandoval, Javy Vazquez, Prince Fielder, and Shin Soo Choo out on Pebble Beach taking in eighteen holes. The fat plaid pants on Fielder would be hilarious enough to tide me over for an entire winter.

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I bet a workhorse like CHIPPER never takes time for golf. He's got more important things to do, like shuttling immigrants back to the border, or marking off a 2-square-mile area with doe-in-heat spray.

Yep, no hittin the links for that everyman.

It is deer season, no time for golf when there's 12 point bucks to shoot

Damn, we missed it! CHIPPER will have to host another one so we can attend.

Ugh, sorry, I forgot to do my entry on Adam Dunn. I'll do a shortened one here: Adam Dunn is awesome. He didn't hit 40 homers for the fifth straight year this season (only 38), but he's still awesome, will probably still hit 35+ homers next year and if you can play him at first or DH him he's really awesome.

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