Tim Lincecum Goes Back-to-Back With Cy Young Award Honors

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San Francisco Giants starter Tim Lincecum has won his second straight Cy Young Award and can now lend one to his video game doppelganger. Lincecum struck out a whopping 261 hitters over 32 starts that included four complete games and two shutouts. His 15 wins were a low total, indeed, but the sorry San Fran offense supported him to a tune of 2.38 runs per game in each of the twelve Giants losses he started.

Oh, and his FIP was just 0.01 higher than Zack Greinke's and nearly half a run better than anyone else in the NL. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Not you, Tim.

Cardinals starter Chris Carpenter, who was the only gentleman to post a lower ERA than Lincecum in the National League, finished second, mostly because his time missed due to injury prevented him from matching Lincecum's innings and strikeout totals. His teammate Adam Wainwright finished third.

In a bizarre twist, Lincecum didn't even receive the most first place votes, but won the award because more folks thought Wainwright deserved third place than second. Also, Carpenter was left off of two ballots in favor of Javy Vazquez and Danny Haren; had he made those ballots, Carp would have won come a bit closer.

1st 2nd 3rd Points
Tim Lincecum, San Francisco Giants 11 12 9 100
Chris Carpenter, St. Louis Cardinals 9 14 7 94
Adam Wainwright, St. Louis Cardinals 12 5 15 90
Javier Vazquez, Atlanta Braves 1 3
Dan Haren, Arizona Diamondbacks 1 1

I think Lincecum is one of the few players in baseball that the entire staff at Walkoff Walk admires. He's talented, he's quirky, he's charming, and he's uglier than half of us. Congrats, Mr. Lincecum! Have a hot dog with us!

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Is video game Tim Lincecum more attractive than real Tim Lincecum?

Lincecum is Clooney.

Bong Hits for Lincecum!

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CC should have won it in both leagues!

/Yankee fan

Now he can get that tramp-stamp above the ass crack to match the tattoo between the shoulder blades. Dance all dance all indeed!

I think I'll Wang Chung tonight.

Now, I'm no math magician, but if you combine all the votes Carpenter received with all the votes Wainwright received, it proves that they are doubly awesomer than Lincecum. SUCK IT, NERDS!

That's the best back-to-back by a San Francisco pitcher since Harvey Milk moved to the Castro.

I thought you needed a double-headed dildo for back-to-back, Phony.

Dave Dravecky's humerus?

phillas puts his scientific knowledge to good use.

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