Tonight's Questions

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I just realized that last night was my final liveglog of the 2009 season. I'll be back at the South Bronx Applebee's tomorrow for the big game so our pal Tuffy will bring in the noise, bring in the photoshops. As for Game Seven...well...we'll cross that bridge when it gets named after Derek Jeter.

Rest up tonight; the 2009 baseball season and Walkoff Walk's coverage of the creature as we know it may end after tomorrow. Same WoW channel.

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Back in my day, nerds had to come out of their mothers' basements to follow a game on GameTrax.

When a game ended in a walkoff walk, there was a highly racist Vaudeville show to celebrate. We didn't have shrimp, because of the war. I don't remember which one exactly . . .

I was hoping the Twins would get in on Iwamura

What time does the glog start tonight?

CAN they go back in time and leave Myers off the roster?

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