Weekend Questions

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Yes, tomorrow is an off-day for Walkoff Walk as we rest on our petards and get hoisted by our labors while enjoying the fruits of our laurels. Mixing metaphors on vacation days has never felt so good! 310toJoba might pop in over the weekend and we'll be back live on Monday. Same WoW channel.

(photo borrowed gently from Duk's Flickr stream and his Stew Slideshow)

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Commenter party here Saturday night for the Fedor/Rogers fight?

How much does it cost to rent out the clubhouse in the offseason?

"That's-A-Lotta Beef"
Steakhouse or Gay Bar?

The Rubbed Rump

Steakhouse or Gay Bar?

I am really, really bad at that Steakhouse game. Like, Ryan Howard - World Series bad.

NYY Steak

Steakhouse or Gay Bar?

A-Rod's Rod

Steakhouse or Gay Bar?

The White Swallow

Steakhouse or Gay Bar?

Sir Loin's

Steakhouse or Gay Bar?

The Anvil

eh, nevermind, that's definitely a gay bar.

The Gristle Pouch

Steakhouse or Gay Bar?

BJ Rooster's

Gay Bar or Gayest Bar?

I always knew I liked Lincecum

Me too, Matt! But what kind of example is he setting?
/huffs glue

I'll be impressed when they find a nitrous tank in his car.

Hooked up to a baloon, that is, not the engine.

Mastodon Fucking slayed

I will be here for Fedor/Rogers if it is allowed. I would do anything the proprieters wanted!

Ruth's Chris

That Gay Bar quiz was easy. I (literally) got the first 13 right and was 26 for 29 when I gave up. I did get like 4 gay bars in Philadelphia, so those were easy since I live near them all.

Lincecum is awesome.

Lincecum's: Steakhouse, or gay bar?

Rob better be getting photos from the parade. KEEP THE TRADITION ALIVE!

Sure Dmac you just "live" near them

Why are the Yankees playing the Six Flags music during the ceremony?

Oh, and, Michael Kay, you gigantic asshole, your only responsibility is to pronounce the names right. Yet somehow you fucked up on Mariano Rivera's name. Nice work.

I'm headed to the Wolfmother show tonight. Here's the setlist. I am so fucking geeked right now, so much so that I used the word geeked to describe my emotional state. Also, I got the tix for free, suckas.


"The Gristle Pouch" has to win. Not that there's a contest or anything, but I mean, come on. That one really hits you where it counts. So to speak.

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