Yankees Celebration Hangover Edition

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Just in case you've forgotten by now, the Yankees won the World Series five days ago, prompting a veritable avalanche of parades, media appearances, and attendance at professional basketball games. First, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, and Andy Pettitte visited Dave Letterman at the Late Show:

Note that Hideki Matsui doesn't appear until the end when he brings out the World Series trophy, ostensibly because Letterman doesn't interview folks who don't speak-a da language. C'mon Hideki, we all know you speak perfectly good Engrish. Sit on the damn couch and answer questions about your mysterious wife.

Later, CC Sabathia sat in for Jay Leno's awful 10@10 question-and-answer segment.

Sabathia handles himself well, mentioning my favorite TV show "The Amazing Race" as the show he'd most like to appear on and being kind to his vanquished opponents Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins. But sheesh, to hear Leno mispronounce Rollins' name and struggle to deal with that satellite delay was quite painful.

Earlier, seven of the WFC Yankees strode into Madison Square Garden to scrimmage the New York Knickerbockers in some basket-ball; they beat the Knicks 52-33 in a half-court game. Melky Cabrera had 6 assists while Sabathia blocked eleventy-hundred shots.


And of course, there was the big parade down the Canyon of Awesomeness in New York City, which was not live-glogged by any WoW commenters but apparently attended by some nattily-attired fans nonetheless. You stay classy, Tri-State area.

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Looks like CC is dressed for his mandatory service in the Korean military.

Mark Teixeira - proof eleventy billion dollars can't buy style.

Only CC is sporting interesting shoes, how can that be? YOU'RE MILLIONS, BUY SOME COOL SNEAKERS.

Millionaires, I of course meant.

Also, nice of Alex Rodriquez to exhaust the tiny amount of goodwill his excellent postseason bought. That scarf is trying way too hard.

Go Flight Time and Big Easy, amirite Rob?

No sweat, Colonel. Except for Big Easy, all he do is sweat.

I got to see Melky Cabrera at the Nets-Celtics game on Saturday. He looked happy, but they kept him on the jumbotron for way too long. He kept giving the the "double guns" point. It was awkward, to be sure, but Nets "fans" didn't seem to mind.

In other news, I beat a dog to death last night.

Oh, and they definitely announced Cabrera as "The Melkman." Still a terrible name. And I was kidding about that dog. It was actually a huge cat.

I was at the Iggles game last night, and Howard got a standing O when they showed him on the Jumbotron. He was only 4 suites down from where I was, and I passed him in the hall later on. He and his baby bro are sizable.

Also, I just re-read my liveglog from last year's parade. I am a potty-mouth.

Also, please don't post any Amazing Race spoilers. I am 3 weeks behind.

C.C. Sabathia wins this year's Amazing Race.

All the more impressive, dmac, as one of the pit stops was at a Pizza Hut.

Sick and tired of The Yankees. Anyone else with me on this???

Yeah! It hasn't even been a whole week yet and already I want to become an Orioles fans! Screw the Yankees!

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