Yes, But Will He Be Making Me An Offer I Can't Refuse?

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The Toddfather.JPG

Just like last week I'll leave you with an inherently hysterical image. This time it's courtesy of the other fearless leader, Kris, who noticed that there was something rather unusual about Todd Helton's Baseball-Reference page, hastily screen-grabbed with terrible MS Paint above. Click to embiggen...

I suppose this nickname inspires more fear than had they named him after that character on Scrubs. However, it does little to alleviate the problem of a rapidly growing pile of horrible nomenclatures emanating from Colorado.

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Helton may be the Toddfather but Iracane is The Cockmobster.

The nickname "Toddfather" is better than his middle name "Lynn"

The Toddfather is from one of the Rockies Promotional commercials done by Fox Sports Rocky Mnt. I could google and find it but it's Monday and I rather smoke this pot in front of me.

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