Your 2009 World Champion New York Yankees Thrilled Me

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Last night, the scrappy, upstart Yankees took down the defending World F'in Champions in a 7-3 game that was never really that close. With the win, the Yanks took the World Series four games to two and, within minutes of receiving the trophy, began speculating on how to dissect and construct the team for the 2010 season. I think it's ridiculous that fans can actually walk away from their favorite team's clinching game and chat about whether Johnny Damon or Hideki Matsui will be back. I know because I was one of those ridiculous fans.

But the moment persists nonetheless. Having the opportunity to witness the 2009 New York Yankees on a firsthand basis is rivaled only by that of the 1996 team in terms of specialness. A handful of years where they came up just short will do that to you. But when a season culminates by the team recording an out and piling into a pinstriped mess of humanity, you sit back as a fan and think, "I chose correctly for once". Can you imagine that? Validating yourself by the mere fact that your preferred professional sports team was successful? I think it's ridiculous and yet here I sit with a shit-eating grin on my face.

As a co-proprietor of a general interest (read: hipster foodie) baseball blog, it's been difficult at times to keep my Yankee biases and fandom at bay during our nearly two-year run. In fact, I completely threw out any sense of caution a month ago and simply blogged as if I were some kind of deranged hack fan. Yet while I got to cheer my team on, it became more and more difficult to write about baseball as the playoffs progressed. So, I apologize to you, dear reader, if I didn't feed you with enough silliness from the outer reaches.

In Walkoff Walk's offseason, we will spend some time figuring out the future of our blog and perhaps return in a completely different format. So, there will be more Pirates and Mariners coverage in the not-so-distant future, but for now, please allow me to spend some time taking a fan's victory lap. Wow, that sounds just as lame as I thought it would.

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Great year for the Yankees and WoW. Thanks Rob, Kris, Drew, and anyone else I may have forgotten that makes this place one of my favorite web sites.

btw, here was my prediction back on October 7: * WFS: NY over PHI in 6

Kudos Jankees, its been a fun season.

Thanks to the proprieters, all the guest gloggers/posters and the commenters, you guys are the best.

perhaps return in a completely different format

Did you sell the site to Uproxx?

Look at that, UU - sometimes being an unabashed homer pays off!

Welp, time to begin the Off-season talk. Here we go...


figuring out the future of our blog

Go with what works: babies in costumes, recipes, and cat pictures. Wait, is this MomSpace?

Congrats to the j-o Yankees for beating the best team in baseball this year. Also, kudos to Rob, Kris, Drew, 310, Dmac, Tuffy, Suss, Sooze, CHIPPER, and Cat Stairs for not only building the best baseball blog bar none, but for improving on it year-to-year. 2008 was great, but 2009 was mighty fine around here.

figuring out the future of our blog

Well, Boo Boo, congrads on the big victory and winning our "perfectly legal" wager. You were right after all, and called it dead on. However, I thought you meant they would win in the first four, or perhaps a consecutive four - but they did win "four." You had the good grace all year to recognize that the Yankees could only buy it with the proceeds from greatly increased ticket prices and didn't complain about it, at least on the days I actually read the blog. Only money could bring the important additions of AJ, CC, Tex and Kate Hudson that were needed to overcome the post seasons Bronx blues.

And I defended you today. They said how can you lose a bet to a blogger? The just sit around scanning the internet to pick off the work of people with actual paying job access, effectively killing real journalism, all while dressed in their pajamas in their Mom's basement.

Not this guy, I told them, he has his own place.

Congrats Rob and all the Yankee fans here, enjoy the victory. And thanks for the killer blog, really enjoy this place.

Allow me to echo the sentiments of everybody else. This blog rules and I'll be around when the Hot Stove / Hot Knives / Dutch Oven season kicks into full gear. Congrats Yankees, now let's get the wheeling and dealing going!

Baseball is probably my sixth-favorite sport, behind football, college basketball, hockey, MMA, and co-ed naked jai alai.

That I still want to hang out here every day is a testament to the power of Dago, Catshirt, that Canadian guy, a parade of spectacular guestwriters, and all the beautiful sexy commenters. Onward to 2010!

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