Zack Greinke Wins Cy Young Award in Convincing Fashion

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Kansas City starting pitcher Zack Greinke has won the American League Cy Young Award thanks to a superior and dominant season despite a lack of support from a poorly assembled Royals team. Greinke received 25 of 28 first place votes for a whopping 134 total points.

Look, he beat out Felix Hernandez, Roy Halladay, Jon Lester, and Justin Verlander, each who had outstanding years of their own that, translated back a season, probably would have beaten 2008's winner Cliff Lee. King Felix actually posted a lower ERA than any AL Cy Young winner of the past decade not named Pedro, but Greinke came in half a run lower than Hernandez. That's just how awesome he was.

But only Greinke led the league in ERA, WHIP, and fewest homers allowed, finishing second in strikeouts, complete games, and shutouts, and leading the world in columns penned about his battle with depression. Yep, we just fell face first into that trap by mentioning his infinite sadness, something completely secondary to his pitching prowess.

No matter, Greinke can now be referred to solely as "Cy Young winner Zack Greinke" and not "Poster boy for the human condition Zack Greinke" in the official WoW stylebook. Kudos!

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But hasn't his winning of this award made him the emblematic WoW statesman? Considering he is both

a.) Really, really good at pitching and

b.) Still affected by chronic sad face and thus representative of the human condition.

No, because he is white and not a member of the Black Aces.

Dontrelle Willis is the emblematic WoW statesman.

BBWAA got this one right. Also, if I had to read or hear one more Yankee fan think C.C. should win the Cy Young I was going to go on a stabbing spree.

Also, Lester didn't even place in the top 5 in voting. Sabathia finished 4th. Maybe that's worth a puck in the bet between Rob and Kris. Wait, no it isn't.

Jon Lester received something better than a Cy Young top 5. He received a homemade trophy that doesn't per se look like the Cy Young trophy, but more resembles CC Sabathia being eaten by a rabid lion.

There's a lot of things I would have guessed "the Black Aces" referred to. Maybe a motorcycle gang from a 50s B movie. Or a crack WWII fighter squadron. Or two of the 52 cards in a standard deck. But a group that includes Vida Blue, Doc Gooden, and Don Newcombe is pretty good too. I'm thinking about pitching a Saturday morning cartoon, along the lines of ProStars, in which all of those pitchers travel back in time to WWII and form that elite fighter squadron.

Not even the most myopic, braindead fan could suggest with a straight face that CC belonged in the top five.

Who cares, the Zombie lives forever.

Drew, I'll be that brain dead myopic mook. CC was in the top four in wins, ip, era, whip, and baa. And was 7th in K's. Granted his win total benefited from getting 6 runs/game in run support. I think he deserved to place in the top 5.

Sherman Sheep was #1 in baa.

Indian Jones was #1 WHIP


Okay, I overstated CC's inclusion in the top five. He was fifth in Win Probability added and fifth in WPA/LI. Fair play to you CC, you were fifth best in the AL.

Vincente Padilla was first in IPAs consumed and first in context-neutral IPAs imbibed. "Is Padilla drinking a beer on his way to the mound? That ale is WAY out of context!"

/he's a drunk

Drew finishes last in the league in funny comments. weaksauce.

Enough about the Black Aces! I want a book about Black Lidge.

Black Lidge a Comin': The Fernando Rodney story


Looking forward to Thursday: I believe the Cy Young ballots were due before Lincecum was charged with wielding the wacky weed. If he wins it, as he probably should, it'll be interesting to see how many self righteous baseball writers justify voting for an "impure" candidate.

I think the voting does usually happen closely on the heels of the end of the regular season. Hopefully before Timmy had his run in with the heat. Keep hope alive!

Also, if Lincecum does win the Cy this year, I will forgive the writers their sins in the RoY debacle. Unfortunately that means I would also have to cancel the Scorched Earth Vengeance Campaign I was planning on behalf of Tommy Hanson. Booo.

Will you also forgive them for their sins in the Jeter Gold Glove debacle?

I would. If only they actually voted for who gets the Gold Gloves...

Sandy Alomar Jr. named Indians 1st Base Coach. I like it, keeping it in the family.

Cleveland without an Alomar is like root canal with only a local anesthetic - somehow worse than you thought it could be.

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