Billy Begrudges Boston Beef, Begins Braves Bullpen Bidness

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Well that was fast. Just a day after the Red Sox offered arbitration to an aging Billy Wagner, the Braves have decided to swoop in and snag the veteran reliever for a tidy $7 million in 2010 and an option in 2011 that will vest if Wags finishes 50 games next season. He'll need to pass a physical first but for someone who grew up on a farm, he's used to poking and prodding. The Red Sox were smart to think that Wagner was a hot commodity on the open market; they'll receive a first round draft pick from Atlanta and the satisfaction that Billy will be causing heartache elsewhere next year.

For that kind of scratch, Wags will start spring training as the closer for Atlanta but with word that the Braves are pursuing Tigers closer Fernando Rodney, it could be a real battle of the blown saves in Hotlanta next year.

Odd, this makes the third NL East team that Wagner will be a member of since he left the Astros in 2003, and yet he never quite made it to the Nationals, a team that is geographically closest to his fambly farm outside of Charlottesville, VA.

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At first I hated this move, but since they'll be losing Soriano and Gonzo, they got the 'best' closer out there, and they'll save money to shore up the offense.

Added bonus: New hunting buddy for ole Chip

Can we start a pool on who Billy Wagner blames when he blows a save? I call dibs on Ron Gant.

Can we start a pool on which broadcaster is the first to accidentally call him Billy Wohlers?

I hope Mike Gonzalez gets to take his awesome "I'm on a motorcycle" intro video to whatever team signs him.

The first wholphin sighting of the season

Wholphins are such majestic creatures.

The wholphin! THAR SHE BLOWS!

My money's on Mr. Fisted being the first guy to call him Billy Wohlers.

#fisted got #fired.

Doesn't #fisted still call Braves games? Or did he lose that job too?

Once TBS quit exclusively airing the Braves he only called a handful of games for them and only the ones on tbs. Since tbs fired him, I doubt he'll be back.

If Santa's sleigh was powered by wholphins, we all have presents already.


Good to know, Matt. Well, #fisted will probably still be the first to call him "Billy Wohlers", but it's one of those "tree falls in a forest with nobody around to see it" sorta things. So, when in doubt: Joe Morgan. #consistency

@matt_t He did the Peachtree TV games last year with Joe Simpson.


I'm an idiot.

Does Peachtree TV have a show that consists of two guys sitting on a porch sipping sweet tea.

Nah, Colonel, you're thinking of Bartles and James.

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