Forget The MVP, 2009 King Of Baseball FINALLY Announced

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Over the weekend, one of sports' most prestigious awards was handed out. No not the Heisman, (suck it, Tebow) the 2009 King Of Baseball! Yes, the King Of Baseball that storied title given out every year since 1955, but that I hadn't heard of until an hour ago. This year's royal recipient was Astros Announcer Milo Hamilton. points out that Hamilton joins past recipients like "former New York Yankees pitcher Lefty Gomez, who won the award in 1986, and former Phillies general manager Pat Gillick, who won it in 2008." These two people are completely unrelated but may be the only two winners most people have actually heard of.

A complete list of winners didn't do much to inspire any recognition in me, but it does offer up some good aliases for checking into a hotel. Although, Hamilton is no slouch, and you better believe that aint his first sceptre. He's been in the booth for 64 YEARS! He's called ELEVEN no-hitters! He called Maris' 61st, Aaron's 715th and Bonds' 70th! LOOK AT THAT PICTURE (it's pretty much why this post exists)!

So yeah, Milo is totally deserving of such a lofty honor. But a title as cool as King Of Baseball really needs to start grabbing more of the limelight. We need household names, headline grabbers. Dude gets a cape, for crying outloud. Dmac and I came up with our own picks for King that would really turn some heads and get all the pundits talking about the newest heirs to this fictional kingdom.

I picked 2009 HoF inductee Rickey Henderson mostly because Rickey Henderson would also pick Rickey Henderson and it would be really funny next year when they had to pick someone else and Rickey wouldn't give up the outfit. I was at his induction ceremony this year, and the only way that speech could have been better was if he gave it from a throne. He would be the greatest King since Randy Savage.

DMac chose the cat that ran across the field at Royals game.

Who's your 2009 King?

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I choose Tommy Lasorda as King of Baseball, since being "king" implies a slovenly gadabout who'll namedrop dead celebrities and pose for a picture with any has-been and never-will-be at the drop of a hat.

I choose Jason Giambi. Because he shares the same birthday as the King himself: Elvis Presley.

To be fair, I went through a long list of people before settling on the cat that "someone brought" to the game in Kansas City. If I could choose an inanimate statistic, I would have chosen wOBA. If I could chose a word, I'd go with "fisted."

I also thought about Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Passan (as a stand in for all the overreacting sportswriters in America), A-Rod (for steroids, winning the World Series, etc.), Pujols and Joe Mauer (for obvious reasons) and the late Harry Kalas.

I second FISTED. And, I suggest forwarding the above pic to Awkward Family Photos.

I think Joe West should be crowned. With a giant rock.

/Shirley Jackson'd

I know there was some love thrown around for "gladhand" yesterday, but how isn't "gadabout" a better word?!

Bobby Cox, he's fat, likes to yell, and smoke cigars.

Ichiro is my 天皇, or "heavenly emperor", of baseball.

Bonus: that would make Corey Patterson a SAMURAI. Them's the rules!

Well, if the term "king" makes you think of fat guys who rule over places, then the King of Baseball has to be Prince Fielder, right?

Gretchen Carlson wonders why we have so many kings in baseball.

Actually, shouldn't the 2009 King of Baseball be Ray King?

Ray King could take a run at Burger King.

Ray Kroc already did in the Burger King.

I've got my money on King Kong Keller.

Since king is 'rey' in Spanish, and we're talking fat and slovenly, it's gotta by Dennys Reyes, no?

So who's the "Queen of Baseball" then?

Glenn Burke?

Matt: so do I, but I ain't king of shit.

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