Great Gang Grabs Good Guy Granderson, Gives Up Green Group

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The rich just keep getting richer. The Yankees have acquired Tigers center fielder and erstwhile Big League Stew blogger Curtis Granderson in a three-way trade made possible by some bizarre moves by the enabling Diamondbacks. The Yankees will give up youngsters Austin Jackson and Ian Kennedy, and lefty reliever Phil Coke to get Granderson; the Diamondbacks will grab Edwin Jackson from the Tigers and send along pitchers Max Scherzer and Dan Schlereth to Detroit. All of this is as per the doughy angels hovering together in a nondescript hotel lobby in a flyover state. (financial deets here)

What does this all mean? Detroit is in deep rebuilding mode and can no longer afford to pay its stars since Magglio Ordonez' 2010 option kicked in. Johnny Damon's days in NYC are D-U-N done. The Diamondbacks are seemingly run by a dead retarded squirrel. But the most important aspect of the deal could affect the whole of baseball in an unexpectedly good way:

One of the most underrated talents is packing his suitcase and moving to the best team in the biggest city in the sport and, oh look!, he just so happens to be African-American. Add in new Yankee CC Sabathia and longtime shortstop Derek Jeter and you've got a 1-2-3 punch of African-American superstars up the middle in the most conspicuous market in baseball. In a sport where African American participation on the highest levels has decreased of late, having three of the best talents concentrated on one very high-profile team could be a boon to a rejuvenated interest in baseball in New York City, and not just the lily-white suburbs.

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"1-2-3 punch of African-American superstars up the middle"

closer to 1-2-2.5

You forget that CC counts for 1.5 humans himself, so he cancels out Jeter's missing half.

Also, I appreciate Rob trying to cut everyone off at the pass with his positive-spin final paragraph. Ain't working. YANKEES CHEAT. YANKEES CHEAT.

Jeter is 49% White 50% Black and 1% Herpe. Black has a controling interest

I'm mostly upset that a likable player has gone to the Bronx. They'll have Grandy bathing in puppy blood and stomping on the cakes of the homeless in no time.

Isn't this actually two separate trades and not actually a three way deal? Did anyone go between the DBacks and the Yanks?

George Costanza, Yogi Berra, and Freddy the pan-toting fan will have to approve all Curtis' blog entries from now on.

Derek Jeter black? Nope, nope, he's just too wonderbread for me to believe that. Regardless of his family. Oh, and Colonel, Ian Kennedy will soon be a Diamondback.


The DBacks got Ian Kennedy. Most Yankees fans would LIKE to forget about him, but he wore pinstripes none the less.

I dunno if this really signals rebuilding by the Tigers. They just flipped a guy with regression potential (Jackson) and a good CF who can't hit lefties (Granderson) for five years of a top pitching talent who can take Jackson's spot immediately and a pretty decent CF prospect who can probably hold his own for much cheaper than Curtis could.

There might be a bit of a dropoff, sure, but they're not throwing in the towel for 2010.

I'm going to have to agree with Mr./Ms. ghamming. Sure Curtis is a great guy (do we need to keep qualifying him that way?), but he OPS+'d at 100 last year and his career number is 113. Good, but not mind blowing. Even with his noted defensive abilities, his WAR last year was a little over 3.

The Tigers just might win this one out.

Arizona is screwed.

As I stated in other internets forums, I think most of us Tigers fans are probably more upset about losing Curtis the person more than Curtis the ballplayer. He was a big part of the comeback of baseball in Detroit in '06 and his charitable efforts have been fantastic. Nobody likes it when the guy who is pretty much everyone's favorite player is sent elsewhere, especially not to the Yankees.

I don't tend to think of it as a full on rebuilding effort though. The rest of the AL Central isn't exactly making moves to pull away and the Tigers should still have one of the best overall rotations in the division. A combo platter of Jackson/Wilkin Ramirez/Whomever may not totally make up Curtis's run production (which was lower than expected in '09 anyway), but I don't think its a drop that won't be made up elsewhere.

Geez, the top of that batting order for the Yanks is going to be absolutely filthy. Again. Juuuust great.

Nah, we'll bat Granderson 8th. Low OBP high power good speed guy who strikes out a lot? Not at the top of my order, bub.

So who goes at #2? With just a quick glance Swisher had a .371 OBP last year, but I don't think that's happening.

Robot Frempkins.

But Frempkins is with the Sox, no?

Man, are you serious, first Damon and now Frempkins going over to the dark side? Have these players ever heard of a little thing called LOYALTY!?

Breaking news: The Yankees have signed Paste from Bases Loaded.

CJ Wilson is up to his old twitter antics again.

Also, Granderson is godawful against lefties, 50 tOPS+ for his career. Yeesh.

Apropos of nothing, the verdict is in: I would give Kim Jones a brutal hate fuck.

On topic: I hope Granderson is a star as a Yankee. Means less chance of seeing Sizemore in pinstripes.

PS: Fat Mike Francesa loves Grandy as a #2 hitter.

You know what a deal this big requires: An impromptu Furious Five Podcast.

PPS: Fat Mike Francesa eats his #2 Value Meal on the shitter.

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