Hogtown Heartbreak: Halladay Heads to Historic Hoagie Home

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fish_011.gifNobody can ever accuse Ruben Amaro of being gun shy. A zillion reportstweets have Roy Halladay moving to the Phillies as part of a three-team blockbuster. Initial reports claim Cliff Lee would go to Seattle with the Jays receiving a small army of Rainiers, Diamond Jaxx, and AquaSox. Halladay and his agent were spotted in Philadelphia today, negotiating a contract extension the likely reason.

With stories circulating that Cliff Lee would not offer hometown discount when he hits the free agent market after 2010, the Phillies felt they needed to make a move. Halladay is a creature of habit who's focus is on winning rather than securing max money; the widely-held belief is Halladay will sign an extension at a lower dollar figure to stay in a place he's comfortable. Also, Roy Halladay is a massive upgrade over Cliff Lee because he's the best pitcher in baseball. There, I said it.

This Phillies get the finest of top-line starters, coming to an easier league with a contract already in hand. The Phils are primed and ready for another run at the World Series. The Mariners get the perfect piece for their ballpark (provided it's Lee. J.A. Happ/Cole Hamels are attached to the deal and would also fare well at Safeco.)

Roy Halladay pitched in zero post-season baseball games for the Toronto Blue Jays and was part of zero pennant drives. Yet Roy Halladay is, unequivocally, the greatest Blue Jays pitcher of all time. This deal figures to make the Blue Jays a very, very tough sell in 2010 and beyond, Even if the pieces coming back form the core of a very good team in a very short period of time; this will prove to be one of the more pivotal days in Blue Jays history.

Personally, this hit me like a brick in the center of my chest. I knew it was going to happen, I coat myself in a thick layer of detachment and laissez-faire at all times, yet the prospect of soldiering on without Roy Halladay is not an inviting one. This isn't about money or small-market tears. It's about a good team that took their shot and missed and now must start again. Without the face of their franchise. With Ricky effin Romaro as their Opening Day starter. It sucks. I'm not excited. Congrats to Phillies fans, you don't know how lucky you are. May the t-shirts fly off the virtual shelves.

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Condolences, Drew.

I have no frame of reference for which to compare this, and I hop I never do.

Nice post, Drew. If it makes you feel any better the one time I was in Toronto I absolutely loved it. Okay, yeah, I dunno why that'd make you feel better.

Hmm... how about this: Know what felt like a sledgehammer to the chest? Joe Carter in 1993.

Ever wonder WHY it's called a hoagie?

I am totally overwhelmed by this. I was more or less preparing to root for the Phifer for one more season then watch the Phils flounder to re-sign him in Winter 2010-11. Now I get to go to CBP every 10 days and watch the best of the best. Awesome. Did Meech make a t-shirt yet?

This is a good post. Hopefully these youngsters turn out to be worthwhile building blocks for the Blue Jays.

Oh well at least he didn't end up in New York playing for a bunch of slobbering hamfisted doofus fans.

He'll just do that in Philly.

@Kris You forgot "Jamooks" and "Drunkards."

Bummer, Drew. I am impressed, however, that you still had the heart and professional demeanor (?) to still go for the alliterative post title.

Can't call Jack Zdurienecnskhg3ck gunshy either. Seems like the Mariners are involved/mentioned in every deal this offseason.

Felix and Lee make a formidable 1-2. This does suck for Drew and Jays fans. On the bright side, it's likely the Mets will finish in fourth place.

Roy was already going to be the best pitcher in baseball if he had to face the dominant Yankees offense, the young tough Orioles, and the decentish Red Sox. Now he gets his chance to win 30 games while facing David Wright, Brian McCan't, and the entire Nats offensive offense.

So can anybody think of a more epic Wholphin? I sure can't.

I'm actually okay with him going to the Phillies, they're a really likable team.

Good call on Jack Z, they should just hand him Exec of the Year now.

Oh yeah, the Mets are FUCKED.

I cannot wait to see Jeff 'Frenchy' Francoeur's at bat's against Halladay

Sox sign Mike Cameron and ink supposedly drying on Lackey deal.

I am wasted and watching the Niners and my Fantasy Team would have won the first round if I was in the playoffs and my questions is is Kyle Drabek in this deal related to Doug?

He's Doug Drabek's son. But, he's not as awesome as Mike Cameron.

Personally, this hit me like a brick in the center of my chest. I knew it was going to happen, I coat myself in a thick layer of detachment and laissez-faire at all times, yet the prospect of soldiering on without Roy Halladay is not an inviting one.

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