Holiday Questions

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Hey kids, Happy Christmas, war aint over.

Finally, IS there anything more heartwarming than a Christmas card? This year I got one from Curt Schilling. Well, it isn't a Christmas card so much as letter telling me that I'm an idiot for my infocap about Randy Johnson where I mentioned him. To wit:


Feelings about me aside, as it's clear you have an opinion of me already, I grew up in Arizona, I loved living and playing there. I 'left' Arizona because after they signed Gonzo to an extension they told me they needed to cut payroll and my contract was how they intended on doing it. I had zero desire to leave there and would have gladly finished my career there.


So, there you go. I just put that in my pipe and smoked it. I always thought they misspent that money on Gonzo and would have been better off signing Fozzie to a long term deal.

When we return on Jan. 4 it'll be a new decade for whatever that's worth (not much) and Bobby Bowden won't be the coach of Florida State (which no one here cares about but me because this is a baseball blog for people from Boston, New York and Philadelphia). In other words, things'll be pretty much the same. We'll see you then, friends. Happy New Year.

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You do the Lord's work with that sponsorship, Colonel.

If that doesn't earn him a promotion to Brigadier General, I don't know what will.

Why does it not surprise me Curt has a google alert on his name.

And well done Colonel.

Best wishes to all of y'all

Colonel just won Baseball Reference.

Happy New Year/Merry Christmas/Happy Belated Hannukah, y'all

Does Schilling's e-mail signature include "Vote Schilling for US Congress?"

Whatever you can say about Bowden (and there's a bunch), one thing I don't think he ever got credit for was how good a loser he was, during the era when Florida State almost never lost. He always gave credit to the other team, rather than blabbing about "giving the game away".

I witnessed today my seven-year-old daughter sitting with Santa. I realized as it was happening that it might be the last time, and I am now filled with waves of fatherly emotears. So, now's as good a time to say...

...I love this blog and I truly appreciate the humor and good nature that resonates from it every day. The postseason glogs almost alone saved me from nonstop business travel hell. I hope you all enjoy a terrific next couple of weeks, and that 2010 is a healthy and prosperous year for everyone. Please be safe when you're out debauching.

Dramatic recreation of events at WoW HQ as it closes down for the holidays can be seen here.

Thanks to Gorge and everyone for their jolly wishes. Happy holidaze to all!

Ha ha, did Curt Schilling really send you an email?

Merry New Year, WoWies.

Happy New Year to everyone but Darren.

If you re-translate that Taiwanese above back to English using Babel Fish it comes out as "leave the stage strolls." Awesome!

Colonel's BR sponsorship is the gift that keeps on giving.
/sips egg nog from moose mug

Curt's e-mail is enlightening on a number of levels.

Lastly, the Merriest of Christmases, Happiest of Chanukahs, and Solemnest of Kwanzaas to all. I will be drinking HEAVILY, starting in about 5 hours. So if you want to get smacked around in Scrabble, hit me up on Words with Friends (username: njpanick). I hope the holiday deity of your choice brings you all exactly what you wished for.

Cakies for all, and to all a good night!

It's sad but true. NJ Panick owns my sorry ass in faux Scrabble.

It's even sadder that you guys play faux Scrabble

All I want for Christmas is for Rob to pay the Bon Jovi bet.

Kris, it will be a Christmas miracle if that happens.

All I want for Christmas is to KICK THE CRAP OUT OF UU THIS WEEKEND!

/nobody cares about our fantasy football teams
//really just happy to be here

Iracane is too modest. He and I have quite the back-and-forth faux Scrabble battles. Unfortunately for him, he only plays curse words and italian slang.


Matt_t plays a lot, too, except he plays words strictly in LOLCat, so it looks like someone threw up on the board.

Happy Holidays, whichever you choose to observe or not. May your gift return lines be short.

I play too, under "frackintoaster". Iracane beats me like I made fun of his organ-grinding monkey.

Speaking of dago tradition, anybody else having a fish feast tonight? 310 and I are both hip deep in seafood.

Merry Christmas Wowwies. Leave Santa a Cakie for me.

Yeah, I'm sitting here getting overpowered by fishy aromas emanating from the kitchen.

Have great Christmas all and a Happy New Year and thanks for making me feel welcome as the new guy round these parts!

Rob and I have a faux scrabble rule. If you can play 'cunt' you must.

Hi everybody! I just got back from Cabo and I got tan and drunk and Imma go get wasted happy holidays.

RED SOX BEER FIST! (clap clap clapclaplcap)

Merry Christmas y'all.

Frank Wren shit in my stocking.

That's aweome
God Bless eggnog, everyone's naked
jewelry + mamosas + chritmas nookie = drunken blog comments at 2pm

PS - you f'cker, Yuengling in F-l-a

Hmm, so now you can double fist using only one hand? Where the hell is Xzibit when you need him?

Yo dawg I heard you like #Fisting. Now you can double fist while chip yells out #fisted


Merry Christmas, all!

I'm not from Boston, New York, or Philadelphia. Am I not welcome here?

And I still think that my favorite B-R sponsorship was Jon Bois' (of The Dugout) sponsorship of Bill Childers with the quote, "Bill Childers is the Jesus of baseball, in that he walked a lot, his pitches were wild, and I'm not entirely sure he existed."

I miss your musk. The lot of you. Hope you all had a great holiday and will have a happy start to 2010.

May the next two months breeze by quickly so that pitchers and catchers report, the planning of HEIST '10 begins, and so that I may defend my crown by CONTINUING TO KICK ALL OF YOUR ASSES IN FANTASY BASEBALL.

Since Jerkwheat brought up fantasy sports, I beat EdB for the WoW fantasy football title this weekend. I expect a lobster baby pin for my victory.

/no one cares......

Congrats on the win, wop.
Don't hold your breath waiting for the pin. I've turned 5 shades of purple already.

Thanks phillas. What will happen first: we get our lobster baby pins or Rob sings for losing his bet to Kris?

I feel better that I lost in the Wowie football playoffs to the eventual champion.

Also I'm stil recovering from Christmas Eve dinner. 11 fish courses all cooked by an 83 year old italian woman in the Bronx. Washed down with homemade red wine. How do you Guineas do it?

@Chief, damn 11 fish courses. We usually just do 7 different fishes. Fish only on Christmas Eve is old school traditional wop. We also have the home made wine. Hope you had a buon natale and have a felice anno nuovo.


Everyone called it the feast of the seven fishes but once Grandma Squillante got going she couldn't stop. Al the best to you and the rest of the WoW crew in the new year. Anyone up for a Spring Training Heist?


Everyone called it the feast of the seven fishes but once Grandma Squillante got going she couldn't stop. Al the best to you and the rest of the WoW crew in the new year. Anyone up for a Spring Training Heist?

looks like Guy Clark is up for a Spring Training Heist.

From the guy who had his fantasy football ass handed to him in a shrimp-themed handbasket over the weekend: Congratulations, UU!

thanks Ed

Wholphin on holiday: The Mets sign Mo Vaughn Jason Bay.

Bay Bolts Beantown, Finds Footing in Flushing

I still haven't been able to master the "strikethrough" html.

Colonel, that's not Bay's full name?

the WOW Heist is game #27 in MLB Network's top 27 Walkoff Wins of '09
/ still pissed I didn't go
// still pissed

Hope your New Year was good, WoWies...

Anybody have "Modern Warfare 2" on PS3 and plays online?


Hi Ed!

How's it going, good sir?

310ToJoba, I played that on my bro's PS3. It was fun. Unfortunately I don't have that game. Or a PS3.
Xbox though.

Back at work, after we shut our doors at the corporate office for a few days, something that was a mixed blessing at best. How's the new year treating you so far, Ed?

Not too badly. Like a lot of cities, my hometown was snowed in over the weekend. But we've all dug ourselves out and it's back to work teaching kids how to play rock music.

So, I have two daughters, the older of whom is almost nine. She has a real interest in music and shows some innate ability, but we've yet to start her with formal lessons. Do you think she's at a good age to start something structured?

Considering the vast majority (if not all) of the school districts around here start the band program with fourth graders: Yes, nine is definitely a good age to start something structured.


As a follow-up: Patience is a serious virtue here for both you and your daughter. Some instruments have a much steeper learning curve than others, which can lead to some frustration (I see this all the time on guitar). But, as long as you stick with it, you'll be fine.

That's good to know. I was thinking about paying a musician friend of mine, who has done lessons, and focusing on guitar. But, maybe something else would be a better intro? Thanks for the advice.

Nah, guitar can work at her age. Just make sure she doesn't start with a full size guitar (a 3/4 size guitar will do the trick) and hopefully your friend will ease her into the instrument as much as possible - perhaps start with single notes and songs played like that before getting into full-blown chords.

Ok--thanks, Ed.

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