Homeless Hipster Holidaze with Joe Maddon

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Here's hipster gourmand Joe Maddon doing a good deed and serving up some vittles at the local Salvation Army in Tampa. It's his annual Thanksmas event where he spreads Rays Fever, goodwill, and braising tips to folks in need. Good on ya, Mr. Maddon. If I send $20 to the Salvation Army, will you send me one of them neat aprons?

Let this be a reminder to you folks out there that hunger is still a yooge problem in these United States. If you can afford to do it, donate your money or your time to a food bank or soup kitchen this holiday season.

(via The St Petersburg Times)

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Take a listen around the :33 mark for what is clearly a cat screeching. CRAZY JOE MADDON IS BRAISING FELINE AND SERVING IT TO THE LESS FORTUNATE.

Seriously, though, good for him, even if he was barking out instructions at the end of it like it was a damn episode of Dinner: Impossible.

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