In Which We Celebrate Ourselves & Sing Ourselves for 3000 Posts

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Kris: Hey Rob, guess how many post there have been in Walkoff Walk history.
Rob: 12?
Kris: No, I don't mean good posts. I mean total posts.
Rob: Oh, I hear tell we are on the verge of 3,000 posts.
Kris: You heard tell correctamundo, Brotaint. THIS is our 3,00th post.
Granted almost 500 of them have been ridiculous YouTube videos that I put up when you aren't looking. But, still. We've been around awhile!
Rob: I think it's a testament to our dozens upon dozens of readers that we still keep cobbling together such garbage and posting it under the guise of informative baseball thought.
Kris: You know, 3,000 is a pretty important number in baseball.
Rob: Yes, it's the number of times Jorge Posada visited the mound during the World Series, right?
Or the number of times Wil Cordero has been accused of domestic battery?
Kris: Both. It's also the number of years since Bobby Cox led the Israelites out of Egypt.
And the number of Mets fans with Jr. High educations.
Rob: Zing.
Kris: Not to mention 3,000 career hits pretty much guarantees you a spot in the Hall Of Fame.
Rob: Well what does 3,000 career blogposts guarantee us? A book deal?
Kris: No, we already missed the boat on that. We don't make enough dick jokes or Afrika Bambaataa references.
I guess it just means that we've had enough readers to guarantee that we'll keep doing this for awhile.Definitely not as cool as a book deal, but still pretty neat.
Rob: Perhaps we should just start doing LOLCats
Kris: I CAN HAZ... UM... SHRIMP?
Rob: We owe a debt of gratitude to our contributing editors, you know. Drew and Dmac have done yeoman's work for over a year.
And 310toJoba is coming out of the gates like a drunken Chinaman on fire.
Kris: I don't know who those people are.
Rob: They're picking up our slack and writing far better stuff than you or I.
Kris: Oh yeah cause I quit for awhile.
Thanks guys! And readers! And Corey Patterson!
Rob: No thanks to Darren for failing us many, many times. He still hasn't sent out those Lobster Baby pins!
Kris: We'll thank you all again in 4 weeks with more self congratulatory bullshit for our 2nd anniversary.
Rob: Will there be punch and pie?
Or cakies and artisanal rice wine?
Kris: High Life.
Rob: Naturally.

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We've also had almost 1.3 million pageviews, over 1.2 million of them by spambots and people landing on this page.

what!? DARREN! i cant believe he dropped the ball on the lobster baby pins after we crafted that shit from our very own blood and sweat.

If you had asked me to write a stereotypical IM exchange between you two, this is how it would have read. Kudos for never getting out of the ruts that we have come to know and love.

And also, thanks for slapping together 3,000 of the most entertaining and loosely-baseball-related posts in the history of the internet. It's made the last two seasons infinitely more enjoyable, even though my team of choice only won ONE World Series in that span.

One of the best blogs around. If you put out a book, I'd read it for the recipes alone.

I raise my camo high life can, cheers

Even the lurkers need to come out of the woodwork today. This is the best stop on the entire information superhighway. Congratulations, everyone!

Excellent work, fellas. Always look forward to dropping by your site. Next time you're in town I'll buy Kris a dozen glasses of whiskey and Rob a hot water with lemon.

We welcome all lurkers, stalkers, geeks, dweebs, and criminally insane vagrants with open arms!

Nice job guys, go out to Old Country Buffet tonight and celebrate. You've earned it.

*crawls out from under pile of lumber* Happy 3000-post day. Don't do any illegal blogging drugs to taint your legacy.

I wish I were witty enough to come up with something appropriately funny for this post. But instead I will just thank your sorry asses for providing bountiful, free entertainment to your readership.

Thank you, sirs, for pouring your blood, sweat, and lobster baby tears into this wonderful internet phenomenon.

3,000 posts, man. Like, wow. Congratulations to the bestest ever "mostly kinda sorta about baseball" blog in all the universe!

My employer has paid me a lot to read a good chunk of those 3000 posts.

I think 3,000 strikeouts is much more analogous than hits. Because you guys whiff a lot, see.

Congrats you magnificent bastards.

I demand a recount.
Or cakies.

Happy Birthday!

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