Massive Meloned MVP Matsui Makes Mickey Mouse Money; Anaheim Acquires Adult Anime-Addled Asian

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World Series MVPs are not like regular season MVPs; they are an expendable sort who just happened to have an exceptional streak in a short span of games in October. Sure, you have your franchise cornerstones like Paul Molitor, Derek Jeter, and Sandy Koufax who have won the award, but then you have your David Ecksteins, your Scott Brosiuses, and your Donn Clendenons who have taken home the award, only to find themselves off their respective teams within a couple years.

Add to that list the reigning Fall Classic MVP Hideki Matsui, who has reportedly signed a one-year deal with the Los Angeles Angels of Angelheim, as per Tyler Kepner. The Angels gain a well-accomplished left-handed designated hitter with the knees of a 83-year-old and the Yankees lose one of their most popular least when measured internationally.

Losing Matsui means more than losing a player with a very specific value with his bat; the Yankees franchise loses its biggest connection with the Japanese market. Add in the non-tendering of Taiwanese superstar Chien Ming Wang and the Yankees have taken a big hit in the Far East It's possible that they've sunk their teeth deep enough to leave a lasting impression, but still, the international flavor of the Yankees suffers when they lose such a unique player.

Matsui, 35, will replace Vladimir Guerrero, also 35, as the Angels' everyday DH. Guerrero's six-year stint in Anaheim is most likely D-U-N done with this signing. In those six seasons, the Angels finished in first place five times but only won two of seven postseason series, six of which were against the Red Sox or Yankees. Perhaps by importing one of the big Yankee bats, Mike Scioscia's boys can reverse that trend in 2010.

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this Yankees fan would like to say domo arigato Mr. Roboto.

international flavor of the Yankees suffers when they lose such a unique player

So did they lose Matsui or are they closing the Pad Thai Hut in left field?

international flavor of the Yankees suffers when they lose such a unique player

How will that affect Curtis Granderson being this century's Jackie Robinson since the Yankees acquiring him means the salvation of black baseball in America?

I'll take my answer off the air.

Liakos is jealous of the new wholphin.

Maybe this will be the incentive Matsui needs to digitize his porn collection. Transporting that many VHS tapes coast to coast is a bitch.

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