Nick Swisher Might Drag CC Sabathia Onto Awful CBS Sitcom

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If you were to tell me that Nick Swisher was about to make a cameo appearance on a primetime sitcom, I'd have wasted no time in guessing the horrid "How I Met Your Mother" on CBS. Swish is a total cheeseball doofus with bad taste in everything and yet he's bizarrely worshiped by Yankees fans; while HIMYM is a total cheeseball sitcom with bad jokes and yet it's bizarrely worshiped by spellbound TV viewers. It's a match made in hell!

And, well, this match is really happening. Swisher will guest star on an upcoming episode of HIMYM and he might be dragging teammate CC Sabathia along with him:

Word is, producers wrote a part for (Sabathia) too, and there's a strong possibility that he'll be stopping by McLaren's bar with his buddy Swisher.

The episode they're expected to cameo in -- titled "The Perfect Week" -- will probably air Feb. 1.

Swisher and Sabathia are supposedly putting a strain on Barney's infamous game, threatening to ruin his "perfect week" by distracting a potential female conquest.

Hahahah...yeah, wait...what? This is what passes for comedy nowadays? I liked HIMYM a lot better the first time I saw it, when it was called "Friends". Really, I don't expect much from Mr. Swisher but I'm personally embarrassed for Mr. Sabathia. He's got far too much taste and credibility and should be doing guest spots on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" or Louis C.K.'s upcoming show.

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I liked HIMYM a lot better the first time I saw it, when it was called "Friends"

It's MetaFriends. HIMYM is well aware of its influences, and often turns them on their ear. Except fucking Ted.


This inspired me to look for a list of players who have made cameos on shows, the more obscure the better.

Apparently Barry Bonds appeared on the 90210?

Being your favorite pitcher grants him far too much taste and credibility?

This is lamer than when Johnny Damon showed up on TNA Impact and hit someone with a chair

Can anything beat Tram and Lou hooking up Magnum with an ice cold Löwenbräu and box seats?

"Sorry for your troubles, guy."

Don't you love It's Always Sunny, Rob? Yeah, enough said.

I like "I liked _______ the first time I saw it, when it was called _____." the first time I heard them, when it was called "Hollywood Minute".

The only people that like this show are white women, and their capitulating live in boyfriends

I think we're all missing the fact that Rob just admitted to liking Friends.

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