Pacific Party Procures Peripatetic Patterson, Prompts Parody

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Well, the Seattle Mariners missed out on Curtis Granderson and probably won't be dipping into the Mike Cameron pool but that doesn't mean they'll miss out entirely on the athletic outfielder sweepstakes. As per emo-beatblogger Geoff Baker on the Tweetmachine, the M's have inked Walkoff Walk favorite Corey Patterson to a minor league deal and issued him a formal invite to attend spring training in Arizona.

Patterson, who has recently been a National, a Brewer, and a Fightin' Dusty, would join his fifth team in five years since being traded from the Cubs to the Orioles in 2006.

The Mariners have no need for a center fielder, a position that Patterson has played with aplomb in his career despite his inability to get on base with consistency, but have a tidy open spot and some room on the bench for a player like Corey: good glove, some power, good speed, and what I'm hearing is a penchant for sweeping up sunflower seeds.

Still, we implore you, Don Wakamatsu, whether it's the regular season or a spilt-squad March affair: Do not hit Corey Patterson leadoff.

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so what's the over/under on Game Number before Patterson makes his first start in the leadoff spot?

Seattle sends season swirling. Early.

I like Corey at the periphery of things, just where we can ridicule him and the managers who insist on leading him off. The thought of him regularly appearing on my regional baseball broadcasts, though a relatively remote prospect at this point, makes me sad and confused.

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