Placido Polanco Picked to Patrol Piquant Post for Phillies

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fish_011.gif He may have had the winning hit in the 2008 World Series, but Pedro Feliz's 81 OPS+ wasn't enough for the Phillies. Placido Polanco apparently passed his physical earlier today and have finalized a 3-year, $18 million deal with Polanco with a mutual option for a fourth year.

Jon Heyman writes the Phillies would like Polanco to bat second. This probably moves Shane Victorino down to the 7-spot, as Charlie Manuel is likely to stick with Jimmy Rollins as the leadoff hitter until J-Roll retires, and maybe even after. (An empty hole in the leadoff spot would have an OBP about 50 points lower than Rollins; no word on said empty hole's surfing skills.)

Polanco had a bit of a down year last season, hitting .285/.331/.396 (an OPS+ of 88), but his BABIP was an uncharacteristically low .295, compared to his .314 career number. Bill James projects him with a wOBA of .325, slightly better than his .321 last season but not as good as his .339 or .371 numbers the two previous seasons.

Polanco hasn't played significant time at third since 2002, when he played 131 games at third between Philly and St. Louis; he played 3B for the Cardinals the year before, also. You may remember than Polanco was on the Phillies before; he was shipped to the team in the Scott Rolen deal, then traded away to the Tigers for Ugueth Urbina. Why didn't the Phillies just move him to third back then? Why, David Bell, of course!

The Phillies did not spend a ton of money here, so they have still have room to get some bullpen help and maybe another starting pitcher. It's possible Polanco has fallen off a cliff and will struggle the next three seasons, but it's also possible his BABIP will normalize, he'll be strong at third base and will end up being a bargain for the suddenly smart-looking Phillies. Who would ever thought we'd ever be in a position to be saying that?

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Headline courtesy of Rob.

This was post #100 for me on Walkoff Walk! Of course, it's all downhill after Air Bud, but I'm still delighted to be writing here nonetheless.

Well done, dmac. We couldn't be happier to have you aboard, unless you were to somehow figure out a way to email a doobie to Catshirt.

Also of note: this is post #2999 in the short history of WoW.

I hope post #3000 includes some sort of promotional cheese/meat/booze item for regular commenters.

3000 gets you into the Hall of Blog.

What does one give on the 3000th anniversary?

Perhaps a screening of Mr. 3000? RIP, Bernie Mac.

phillas: a threesome.

When is the Bobblehead Post?

Not wholphin worthy but Braves signed Saito.

I am going to miss that enormous head so so very much.

You know what would be killer for the 3,000th post? ROB FULFILLING HIS END OF THE LESTER-SABATHIA BET, THAT'S WHAT.

I'm stoked to have the bat in the lineup, but I am concerned about the defensive dropoff at third. PP had a phenomenal season at 2nd in '09 (best UZR in MLB at 2B), but his 3B numbers in the past have just been ok.

I'm with Nick in regards to post 3,000. SING IT, ROB!

Jersey Shore airs tonite at 10PM on MTV


thanks for the reminder Rob. A show about the jamookiest of jamooks to ever jamook. Will there be a live blog?

I was contemplating live-blogging it on my other stomping grounds as a cultural experiment. Then I decided I'd rather abuse my liver and go out to some bars.

Adios, Placidome. In my heart you will always be rounding second, jumping in the air, wearing a turtle hood.

Jersey Shore as everything I'd hoped it would be and more. Kudos to MTV for choosing 8 phenomenal examples of jamookery. Although, I had no idea that Poughkeepsie was an Ital hotspot.

The season preview at the end might have been the best 2 minutes of the show. (That part where Snookie gets punched in the face, though, was horrifying)


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