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The always excellent Wezen-Ball has a post about an interview the Weekly World News did with Babe Ruth in January 2005 about steroids (Babe's against them), Ruth's called shot (he was just hung over and blocking the sub from his eyes) and the real reason Lou Gehrig was called the Iron Horse (take a guess).

But it seems to me the WWN gets the whole "Curse of the Bambino" thing more right than most people.

Q: Finally, Babe, I want to ask you about the curse of the Bambino. Did you really put a curse on the Red Sox after owner Harry Frazee sold you to the Yankees?

BABE: Glad you asked. I never put a curse on the Red Sox. I was happy to get out of that town. You have no idea what it was like for me, the Great Bambino, to be playing there. Why, they rolled the sidewalks up at night in that city. You couldn't buy a drink on Sunday, and as for partying, those uptight New Englanders are really a bunch of stiffs. In my day, it was a very conservative place. I hear that it's gotten very liberal there now, what with men marrying men, and women marrying women. The next thing you know, they'll have broads on men's teams. That ought to make shower time real popular.

Somewhat topical Massachusetts gay marriage reference, Babe Ruth! What I like, though, is how he replies to the question of the "Curse of the Bambino" with the same reaction any normal person should have: Why the hell would Babe Ruth hate the Red Sox? He got to move to New York and become the most famous baseball player of all time!

Here's a little scoop for you guys, exclusive to Walkoff Walk: The Weekly World News makes up its interviews. (Also, pro wrestling's outcomes are predetermined.) But who knew the place was full of such sensible sports analysts? Just another reason to lament the loss of this great institution.

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