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The Best Laid Plans Of Mice and Theo Epstein...

What looked like another smooth move for the Boston Red Sox has hit a major hindrance. The team was all set to unload the overpaid Mike Lowell to the Rangers, but were informed just yesterday that the deal is off because Lowell has an ouchie in his handspot.

Mike Lowell will have surgery to repair a ligament in his right thumb and need six to eight weeks to recover, a person familiar with the situation told The Associated Press. The diagnosis negates--or at least postpones indefinitely--a trade that would have sent the 2007 World Series MVP to the Texas Rangers.


Lowell is owed $12 million in 2010, the final season of a $37.5 million, three-year contract, and the Red Sox had agreed to pay as much as $9 million of it.

What's up, deal-killing creampuff? In truth, there's nothing to say this deal still can't happen, but it could definitely be axed for good if the Rangers, who are on a limited budget, pursue a free-agent option in that same 6-8 weeks to achieve short-term peace of mind. More importantly though, this might officially put the skids on any potential Adrian Gonzalez trade.

Agents, Players Could Use A Lesson In Economics

Both Joe Urbon (Jason Bay's agent) and Scott Boras (Johnny Damon's agent) apparently realized a bit too late that teams actually are affected by such things as the Xxxxxtreme Recession. Scott Boras being greedy and overzealous? Oh say it ain't so! As a result of these agents' overvaluation of their clients, the two left-fielders currently have no home.

Do you expect a team to eventually cave to either of these player's demands, or do you think that the organizations will win the "hostage situation" and attain the players' valuable services at a nice discount rate?

Your Weekend Writer Still Needs Your Help!

Remember this post? You probably do because that vauge link suckered you into a click. As it turns out I'm still looking for slave labor volunteers to put together a list of players who finished low in MVP races despite having strong WARs. If we can find enough undervalued guys, I was going to do a followup post on this here blog, tentative title: "WAR, What Is It Good For". If you had a player in mind, just leave his name in the comments of the afore-linked post. Thanks!

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Waiting teams out for overpriced free agents is a pretty typical Scott Boras tactic. Nonetheless, I think Damon may end up with a one year deal sometime in late January. I'm not sure any NL club would spend money on him and the market is already rich in DH/poor fielding types for AL teams.

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