Cinema Varitek: Air Bud Wins World Series MVP

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As part of my not-so-secret goal to turn Walkoff Walk into an Air Bud fan site, here's the third post in a series on Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch.

This is the ending to the film, where Air Bud is signed by the Anaheim Angels and leads them to the World Series. Can anybody identify the baseball players?

Happy Friday!

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That Jim Hughson is in this movie is slightly shameless. Former Jays play by play man, he currently holds the most prestigious sports broadcasting job in Canada (lead dude on Hockey Night in Canada.)

Disney has its claws deep in your Hughson, hang your head.

Oh, this was filmed in Canada, it makes sense it's a Canadian broadcaster on it. I think I recognize his voice from some hockey video game.

Jim Hughson is also in MVP: Most Valuable Primate.

I've never seen a more apathetic crowd at a World Series game. It's as if they put Valium in the water supply. Either that, or they flew in Braves fans.

So are those real players or not? I thought I had the pitcher nailed down as Kent Bottenfield or some guy named Pat Rapp.

The thing that bothers me the most is that the Angels are wearing their pre-2002 uniforms in a movie that came out in 2002.


The last time I heard Hughson's dulcet tones was in NHL '05 on the PS2. That was also the last hockey game I ever played.

I also like how Bud holds on to that final-out ball for dear life. Dong Mientkiewicz ain't got shit on him.

Air Bud nailed that last scene, he is awesome at licking balls.

Ok, now I am obsessing. Alan Trammel can be seen as the first base coach. Alan Trammell was the first base coach of the Padres in 2001. I thought the catcher was Jamie Burke because in a close up, it's obviously a white dude. At least that's what I thought. Then at frame :41, the overhead shot shows Bengie Molina (#1) catching and #30 batting. #30 for the Padres in 2001 was Ryan Klesko. If you freeze it on the batter running down the line, you can see it isn't Klesko and there is a chain link fence behind home plate and teh catcher is some fat white dude again.

Now the second baseman: he is clearly wearing number 26 at :45. That number was retired in 1982 to honor longtime owner Gene Autry. So that one probably isn't a real player either.

Back and to the left.

Also, when the batter is out at first he is wearing number 22 (no one wore that for the Padres that year). So there is a goof to add to IMDB.

Okay, I'm done.

They named a World Series MVP really fast. They didn't even drag out the big podium, or offer him a shitty car.

1. That is a fat second baseman.
2. The umpire's punch-out at 1B is hilarious.


Can I seriously suggest you do Little Big League? If you watch it as an adult, it's surprisingly funny, and the baseball scenes are pretty legit. Plus, it has Timothy Busfield AND Dennis Farina!

No, if it would have happened on Mad Men, it would have gone:

-Women are beneath men!
-We drink and smoke everywhere; isn't it outrageous?
-Brilliant last-second idea!
-All the while acted like a High School Theatre Troupe does an impression of 1960s people!

I usually agree with the blogosphere re: tv shows, but I gave up on Mad Men after 4 episodes.

Air Bud, on the other hand...I celebrate the entire catalog.

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