Don't Miss the Somewhat Triumphant Return of the Walkoff Walk Podcast

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Rejoice! Rejoice! Three guys plan to resume discussing baseball awkwardly over the phone while sitting hundreds of miles apart! Tune in for the lowdown on all the hot Hot Stove action, the smooth talkin' legal mumbojumbo of record-setting arbitration hearings, and the emotional toll of Dr. Parnassussing Up in the Air after the untimely (and super-secret) passing of its star.

The greatest half hour in baseball podcasting jumps off tonight at 9PM! Stream it here live or download it anytime from the Blog Talk Radio site. Well, wait for us to record it, and then download it. You can also get it on iTunes by searching Walkoff Walk. Which, honestly, is hilarious.

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When will I get a chance to call in and finish my thoughts about women umpires?

I'm just excited to hear the show's new house band, "Tuffy and the Wombats".

no fucking merlot

Massholes united to change the face of the Senate in a bullshit special election

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